The Escapist: KORG DS-10 Synthesizer Review

The Escapist writes: "What's great about making music with DS-10 is its flexibility. Instead of piecing together lamely pre-recorded and condensed samples, you create your own synth sounds that you can play through the on-screen keyboard or by manually inputting notes into a sequencer. In either case, the stylus is a perfect tool for manipulating knobs, adding notes and tapping keys. Each synth channel starts with a basic sound that you can tweak and modify with various FX. It's possible to create a broad range of tones, from smooth bass lines and retro blips to jagged shrieks and cheesy Atari-sounding sweeps. Overall, the sound quality is extremely impressive, and the KORG emulation is near perfect. Other tools like FX patches and the real-time modulation KAOSS Pad let you throw down some far-out noises amidst more structured synth lines. Even better, the DS lets you store these custom sounds for later access - a feature that wasn't possible on the original KORG hardware".

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