Blu-ray surpasses HD DVD in disc sales for the first time

The Blu-ray and HD DVD battle has entered a new era, as preliminary Nielsen VideoScan stats show the BDA's baby sold more -- a ratio of 100 Blu-ray to every 98.71 HD DVD discs, sorry still no hard numbers here -- since their inception last year. As we all know, HD DVD was first to market and had enjoyed a lead on Blu-ray ever since, but then things started to turn with the launch of the PlayStation 3. The studios supporting Blu-ray finally began releasing significant numbers of titles and haven't looked back.

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DJ4282d ago

HD-DVD's installed base is great news for Blu-ray and the countless companies supporting it. With the way things are going, it won't be too long before Blu-ray doubles HD-DVD's installed figures.

uxo224279d ago

Uhhh...isn't this about the third time that this SAME article has been posted. Or am I having Deja vu again.

Master of Menace4281d ago

HD-DVD just can't hope to compete. Like PS2 to DVD, PS3 is the incentive to buy Blu-ray. You just can't beat it, sorry. Oh, unless you want to spend big money on JUST a HD player, DOH!

frostbite064281d ago

Buy a stand alone or have fun buring your drive out, since you know sony has 10 year cycles.

FeralPhoenix4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

hmmm, you would think that with Blu-ray included in every PS3 that it would be a larger difference but its only outsold HD DVD movies by a small margin or in other words for every 100 BD sales HD DVD has sold 98.71 disks. WOW, and I don't think the HD DVD camp has done nearly as an effective job in advertising, add that with less support from movie studio's and I think the Blu-ray camp should be at least a little worried if either of these two things change.....either way the numbers speak for themselves and its far from over, but honestly the sooner ONE wins the better. BTW, DVD sales are very, very strong and that shows consumers are undecided about the format war so IMO which ever one wins it will be a much slower transition process than in the past. Also I think there's the slim possibility that neither format will ever become the dominant next gen format with options like digital distribution on the horizon. We'll see???

Torch4281d ago (Edited 4281d ago )

This Saturday morning I was conducting my usual routine weekend scan through my Future Shop/Best Buy/department store flyers. I noticed for the first time ever, that there wasn't even a slight hint of existence of HD-DVD format, while Blu-Ray was being advertised more than ever. One of the flyers actually boasted that they have over 80 Blu-Ray titles to choose from.

Ah, good times to come, it seems!

techie4281d ago

No you miss the point. Blu-ray is selling about 2-1 at the moment, but has had a lot of ground to catch up and has finally made up that ground and if things keep going this way the gap will increase.

Bathyj4279d ago

Agreed. HDDVD had a big head start but BR has come out and closed the gap very quickly. Now that they've taken the lead I doubt they'll ever lose it. If I was the type to draw comparrisons I'd point out the parallels between the format war and the console war, but I'm not so I'll let someone else do it. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.