Video games linked to poor relationships

Study shows gamers more likely to drink, smoke weed, ignore friends...

Don't listen to the scientists, these ARE your real friends

Shock news: spending 14 hours a day on Counterstrike or World of Warcraft means your offline relationships could suffer.

Researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah talked to 813 university students across the US, and found that as the amount of time playing video games went up, the quality of relationships with friends and family went down.

"Relationship quality is one of a cluster of things that we found to be associated with video games," said researcher Laura Walker. "The most striking part is that everything we found clustered around video game use is negative."

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LiquifiedArt3607d ago

Videogames are more fun then most real world activities.
And they are getting even better.

I thought everyone knew this. That is why people play videogames.

Why do people get drunk? Cause they enjoy it more then being sober.

I'm sure there are alot of "Enjoyable" things you can do in the real world, but the fact remains, it takes time, schedueling (with friends)and money, and its proably still not gonna be as fun as beating the final boss of the last EPIC game you played.