Good sign for Blu? Blu-ray theft on the rise

It's never good news that your products are being stolen, except maybe if you're selling Blu-ray. Video Business has an excellent story on rising theft of Blu-ray discs, and how retailers are taking action to stop it.

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The gaming GOD5062d ago (Edited 5062d ago )

If the product is rising in theft that means it's rising in popularity. Slowly, all the Media "analysts" and know-it-alls have been losing their denial factor in Blu Ray.

I mean get serious, the format is outpacing DVD in the same time frame even WITH the worldwide recession. Just imagine how mush further Blu Ray would go if the economy was better

Despite what anyone might think, as bad as theft is, it's just another sign of Blu Ray's growth.

Mr PS35062d ago

Dirty,Thieving,Stinking BoTs

Gambit075062d ago

I'm glad the Blu ray movie prices are going down, unfortunately porn on Bly ray is still expensive, I always wanted to see if there is a difference of it on Blu ray. (why is everybody starring at me?)

Max Power5062d ago

how much blu-ray porn i would get, HD herpes isn't cool.

thebudgetgamer5062d ago

anyways with my ps3 i will never pay for porn again


HDgamer5062d ago

Why would you even consider buying porn when you can get the same high quality porn for free?