Why Frank West Can't Take Pictures in Dead Rising Wii

OMG Nintendo writes: "The premise of Dead Rising is that Frank West, a photojournalist, heads into a zombie-infested hellhole to take pictures of the goings-on inside. Zombie battling does ensue, but also zombie photography. For some reason, this major plot element was revealed to be cut from the Wii version of Dead Rising earlier this week. Why cut something that's... you know, what the game is basically about?"

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rucky3555d ago

Less zombies, character cannot jump, low res graphics and you can't take any pictures. Obvious answer is cause the Wii version is GIMPED!

animboo3554d ago

i'm actually looking forward to this game for the wii, Hope it doesnt suck, oh well there's still house of the dead overkill coming this feb 10..

Amnesiac3554d ago

Try getting a real console, you'll enjoy gaming a lot more.

Half-Mafia3553d ago

i agree Amnesiac,

animboo the Wii is a stupid little toy, get a PS3 or 360 then u can be called a gamer.

rhood0223555d ago

Because this version is an attempt to bilk the rubes who think the Wii is anything more than an interactive toy?

Voiceofreason3554d ago

And the first people to post are PS3 fans with limited knowledge doing their best to troll and all over a console they do not own. Too bad the mods wont delete your BS and put you in the open zone for a few days...

bym051d3554d ago

Because it's not flaming. It's going to be a bad game.

It's a zombie game without many zombies.
It's a photography game without pictures.
What's next?

dazzalfc3554d ago

...given your name, thats a pretty crap statement you just made, partly because a) you label them automatically as PS3 fans (which they may or may not be, but that statement just highlights where your loyalty is based) b) you assume they do not own a Wii and c) you claim they are talking BS.

As a Wii owner, i can vouch for what they say and pretty much agree with them. Wii may be selling like crazy, but the games are terrible. 95% shovelware with the odd Mario and Zelda game thrown in.

And as for this version of Dead Rising, it may become a good game, but its hardly going to hit the heights of the original 360 version, and it'll be interesting (or hilarious) to see how the Wii controls manage with this game. If its the case with the majority of Wii games, the controls will suck and the game will become tiresome because of it.

And if you disagree, why don't you enlighten us all as to why as you seem to have far superior knowledge about gaming than the rest of us.

poopsack3554d ago

So what your saying is, if I own the Wii console I have the right to hate on it on the area it deserves? Cool with me then, this sh!t is gimped! Cant wait for the release on PSN.

Voiceofreason3554d ago

Hit the "heights" of the 360 version? Like a typical fanboy troll you just run off out the mouth making huge assumptions.. You are only looking at the graphics part of the game kid. It had many other flaws. Many of the complaints from the first have been fixed. You do not know anything about them though it seems so that must justify your hate toward a game on a console that you do not own, have never played and have no intention of buying if it got 10's from all sites because it doesnt carry the brand name you all worship.

Obviously from you anger and need to defend Sony it is easy to see where your loyalty lies... Trash a Wii game before you even know anything about it is fine but to say anything negative about a PS3 owner... Oh well that makes you a fanboy.. Just retarded. I'll be happy when all you PS3 morons have me on ignore. That way I dont have to listen to you cry every 5 minutes for pointing out your bias.. Or how your console and all its games are failing..

Voiceofreason3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

"Let user speak
bym051d - 3 hours ago
3.1 -
Because it's not flaming. It's going to be a bad game.

It's a zombie game without many zombies.
It's a photography game without pictures.
What's next? " Another clueless person judging a game based off of their own ignorance of it.. It may have less zombies than the original Dead rising, but that is not to say it will not have as many as RE4.. Are you trying to say RE4 and all previous zombie games are not actually zombie games anymore? Your point is just stupid and has no bearing when you know a little something about the game and dont try to hide fanboy bias with pointless excuses...

Who said this one was a photo game? Did Capcom say that? NO.. You again fail to understand that this is not a port. It is a completely different version of Dead rising. Think of it like Ninja gaiden Sigma only going backwards.

Lastly how do you know its bad? Because it is on Wii? You havent played it to know. How many games got great previews only to be garbage? Lair and Haze come to mind without really having to think about it.

As usual someone who is a gamer is being accused of bias but the very people who are bias.. It's ok for us to hate a game we never played and obviously know little about but dont you dare assume that people that are always saying great things about PS3 and trashing other console are Sony fans..

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jay23554d ago

'Wii can't pull of what the 360 can, the game is basically a last gen port because we've seen how well Wii is selling.'

ChampIDC3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

And this is what happens when you try to port to a console that's a generation behind in power. A good game easily gets ruined. They should have just gone with an original concept instead and built it around the Wii's hardware. Oh well, maybe it won't be that bad, but it probably won't be as fun as the original version.

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