1UP: H2Overdrive Preview

1UP writes: "If you ask my coworkers, they'll tell you I spend a bit too much of my time tracking developers. The theory, as it goes in my head, is that people who have made games I've liked in the past will probably do so again, so when I heard from an arcade operator friend back in mid-2007 that Steve Ranck had started up a new development studio, I did a double take.

Ranck isn't a household name in the game industry, but his track record holds up better than most. For the purposes of this story -- oh yeah, this is supposed to be a preview of the new arcade boat racing game H2Overdrive; I'll get to that soon, promise -- the most relevant game he's worked is the much beloved Hydro Thunder, which he headed up at Midway San Diego approximately 10 years ago. Following that, he formed Swingin' Ape Studios, which produced the excellent shooter Metal Arms before getting bought by Blizzard to take over development on StarCraft Ghost."

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