Asian girls, don't be rude. You need to *bleep* this zombie dude.

TVGB: "I've been trying my darnedest to ignore the viral video campaign for Onechanbara, the cult franchise featuring bikini-wearing, Stetson-sporting Japanese schoolgirls doing what they do best - cutting a bloody path through hordes of zombies.

Don't get me wrong. I'm thrilled this "buckets of blood" meets "babes in bikinis" title is finally seeing release outside of its native Japan, but these videos.


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Darkseider3559d ago

I don't know which game looks worse? Splatterhouse or this tanker.

Dannagar3558d ago

Well, It's a budget title. I'm going to pick it up for the Achievements. Some of the other Onechanbara commercials/shorts are ever so slightly humorous.

prowiew3558d ago

Well. If the videogameblog pays his host, maybe I can see the article.

PoisonousPoison3559d ago

that's all that needs to be shown after watching the first video. Aside from those commercials I want to play the game.

Nugundam00793559d ago

the latest video on my blog--my excitement for this game is dwindling fast...

Max Power3559d ago

i didn't even get 10 into the first video before I turned it off, terrible.

pixelsword3559d ago

...if anyone can tell me what movie that was from, you can copy and paste this cookie pic!

mastiffchild3559d ago

Nah, zombies needs have to be met. They get the sh1tty end of every video game stick. WHEN will they GET SOME!!???!

pixelsword3559d ago zombie on zombie action.

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The story is too old to be commented.