C4 Podcast #64 - January 23rd, 2009

Get ready to do some tricks with your thumbstick again, as the C4 crew discusses Skate 2. Also, there is some info about SimAnimals and whether it is more like Animal Crossing or The Sims. We take a look at some of the downloadable games of late and the evolution of PlayStation Home. Dragonball: Evolution - The Video Game is revealed. Is it the greatest game ever? Other news: Killzone 2 receives review scores of a questionable nature, Final Fantasy VII for PS3 is released with much confusion, and a new 'red ring of death' appears. Will the new Legend of Zelda game be casual-centric or will it be for the hardcore but easier for newcomers? There's even more in this week's podcast, so you'll have to download to hear it all!

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