Bethesda Won't Commit To PS3 Fallout 3 Getting Ability To Play Post-Ending

Fallout 3 players have criticized their inability to keep exploring the wasteland after finishing the main storyline, and while that feature is coming to Xbox 360 and PC users via downloadable content, Bethesda Softworks told MTV Multiplayer there are no plans to update the PlayStation 3 version with the same feature.

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rucky5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

Shafting PS3 owners is part of MS-Bethesda deal. What do I think of their decision? One word: Pathetic

@Hater: Bethesda are the ones I'm actually calling pathetic. But I won't alienate any developer for selling out. I will still buy their games not for the developers but for Sony.

TheHater5058d ago

Don't blame MS. Bethesda is the ones to be blame. They choose to alienate one set of their consumers/fan base because someone cut a check for them to do so.
I hope Sony fanboys and Playstation 3 owners remember this. So next time Bethesda release a game on the PS3, PS3 owners should alienate them.

IdleLeeSiuLung5058d ago

Odd why they would choose only to update the 360 version? Unfortunately, my brother has the PS3 version (since he only owns a PS3)....

ravinash5058d ago

It would be better to bombard Bethesda with emails till they sort it out. It seems like a silly thing for MS to pay for considering the game has already come out.
The only reason why MS would possibly want to do this is to punish those who who decided to get a PS3. not a good way of getting new customers I think.


have never bought any games from them so I am just trolling. who cares killzone feb the show 09, uncharted ....The lime green people love there DLC.....

ravinash5058d ago

Is Fallout 3 ever going to get trophies?

Because if they can't even be bother to sort that out, I find it highly unlikely if they sort the ending out.

Mindboggle5058d ago

Im honestly not too fussed about DLC, even though it would be nice to have it, i just want them to remove that stupid ending.

TheHater5058d ago

dude, fallout 3 have trophies

rhood0225058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

It's the same with the all the fixes coming with the GTA IV DLC--specifically the mid-mission check points.

While I could care less about the actual DLC or the cosmetic touch ups-- i.e. more pedestrians, more audio clips for NPCs -- the fact that PS3 owners don't get mid-mission check points is ridiculous. If anything, that should be released as a general update for all versions.

And before someone says "quit whining blah, blah blah," I own Fallout 3 for the 360 (and will get the DLC whenever I get my console fixed) and I said the same thing about 360 versions of Eternal Sonata and Bioshock getting shafted on the additional content that PS3 owners got.

Insomnia_845058d ago

I guess they know nobody will give a sh!t with KZ2 around the corner, let them keep the DLC, we keep good exclusives. Why would you want to be walking around a world of a game you have already finished?? besides, the game was boring wtf??

DRUDOG5058d ago

All I know is that if the DLC comes out for the PS3 I'll be all over it. I loved Fallout. Somehow found the time to get all the trophies already, yeah actually went through it four times since the trophies hadn't even come out yet.

n4f5058d ago

@mr.mister btw cool name
why? because the ps3 is only good for playing blu ray movie.its doesnt sell well heck people doesnt even play with it. yes aprox. 20mil people buy it but it doesnt show you how many sold it or just buy it for a blu ray player. I would not have a video game system that is only good for just multimedia its doesnt make sense.

crck5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

after MS's exclusivity contract expires. Question is whether anyone will still care by then or even cares now. There is good news here for PS3 owners though. The PS3 user base has grown big enough where the price for MS to buy timed exclusivity on whole games is becoming cost prohibitive. I believe if Fallout 3 came out in 2k7 MS could have bought a timed exclusive on the whole game.

IzKyD13315058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

Paying for exclusive DLC is low, but paying for in game features that everyone should experience is rock bottom. Shame on MS for being a$$holes, and shame on Bethesda for taking a check instead of supporting ALL their fans

read disc error5058d ago

Sucks to own a PS3, I guess. now, you know how dreamcast owners felt. welcome to failure. population: PS3.

GrandTheftZamboni5058d ago

Butt still hurts, ha? Better stock up on Vaseline because February is right around the corner...

shovelbum5058d ago

This is one of the reasons I always buy multi-platform titles on the 360. PS3-only owners constantly get screwed and not in a warm, fuzzy way.

Pika-pie5058d ago

Why Bethesda.. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy yy

tda-danny5058d ago

Man, people should have figured it out after Oblivion was released on PS3. Go look in the PSN store are you will see the only add-on for this game is the Shivering Ilses or w/e its called.

The 360 got quite a few addons.

Be smart, get Fallout on the PC.

ravinash5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

You can relax, I'm not that fussed really....I'm only staying on topic.
I do have a decent PC, and it was hard deciding if I wanted it on PC or PS3. I just leaned towards the PS3 because of thing like trophies plus I can play it on the couch.

Cheers to the others for letting me know that fallout 3 has trophies.
It had been a while since I played it.
I'll pull it out of my library again at some point when I have more time.

BrianC62345058d ago

"Don't blame MS. Bethesda is the ones to be blame. They choose to alienate one set of their consumers/fan base because someone cut a check for them to do so."

Did Microsoft pay off Bethesda to get exclusive content? I'd really like to know the truth about this. Bethesda are cowards and haven't said anything from what I've seen. They just talk about it like it doesn't matter. We made it for the 360.

jadenkorri5058d ago

well i was gonna buy it for PC since lately i havn't had time, but after this, i think ill just go and dl it instead now...not gonna give a company money if they do this sort of think to a specific console...

cherrypie5058d ago

I've reported this comment as spam. That's ridiculous.

Blaming MS for what is clearly a problem with the PS3 market itself is just plain trolling.

The reality? Probably the usual: Poor titles sales, small install base and expensive development costs.

Blaming MS is just a troll.

jadenkorri5058d ago

umm go look up the sales figures comparing ps3 and 360, you'll see the sales figures for fallout 3, It defenitly sold well on both consoles... Take your fanboyish comments to the open zone or somewhere else...

rockleex5057d ago

I'm sorry, I never knew there were exclusive DLC or updates for multiplatform PS2 games that the Dreamcast didn't get.

So THAT's why Dreamcast failed. Wow totally makes sense!

Sony must die! Its because of Sony that the Dreamcast died! We must all unite and support Microsoft! They will get revenge on Sony for Sega! >:D

/end sarcasm/

Pathetic. -_-"

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TheHater5058d ago

I wonder how much MS payed them from not having downloadable contents on the PS3 version.

But MS isn't to blame for this. It the developers or publisher how accept the offer to alienate one set of their fan base because someone cut a check to not having downloadable contents on one system.

InMyOpinion5058d ago

But MS isn't to blame for this. It's the developers or publisher who accept the offer to alienate one set of their fan base because someone didn't buy enough copies of their game to make further support worthwhile.

TheHater5058d ago

What are you talking about? Haven't the PS3 version sold over a million copies? I guess those million copies don't mean sh!t then. You logic is fail and so do you.

Danja5058d ago

he still think it's 2007 when the 360 was the ruler of software sales..

PS3 software sales is matching those of 360 considering the diff in install base....imagine when the the gap closes...

gambare5058d ago

fallout 3 had great sales on the PS3, the decision of not bringing the DLC to the PS3 is from microsoft, they put a huge amount of money for an exclusive DLC for the 360, do you think Bethesda made it just because they like microsoft? no, they like their money.

Marquis_de_Sade5058d ago

Guess next time Bethesda release a game, us PS3 owners will have to buy 2 copies each, maybe then we will get parity. At least according to Jenzo/fanboy logic.

jadenkorri5058d ago

im not trying to defend MS, but theirs no proof that they paid for the dlc, problem is thou, we now know that the dlc will not come to the ps3, so now bethesda software is completely ingnoring their ps3 fanbase, and keeping the 360, and PC fanbase happy. The latter part as we would rather beleive that MS paid for the exclusive dlc, rather then believing a company would completly ignore the ps3 version... either way, their saying to 20+ million potential customers in the future to not buy their games... this will certainly make me think twice before getting another game from them...

Vecta5058d ago

Fairly certain Microsoft didn't pay them for this. Bethesda chose to do it because PC programming is what they know best and allows them to put less people on the DLC and more on the expansion or next game they are making.

cherrypie5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

Listen to you people? Doing everything you can to blame all PS3's support problems on MS.

Maybe Sony shouldnt have screwed up the PS3 so badly, Bethesda would have *reason* to continue to support it.

If Sony made development more productive, or Ps3 didnt sell so poorly, then Bethesda would *want* to support it

This has nothing to do with MS other than in the mind of a jealous, immature, zealot.

This comment: "he still think it's 2007 when the 360 was the ruler of software sales..PS3 software sales is matching those of 360 considering the diff in install base....imagine when the the gap closes... "

Has 10 agree, 4 disagree from a person with 7 bubbles.

This website exists in a total delusion. Utter parallel universe. Sad, just so so sad.

JHUX5058d ago

Why don't you go to the open zone and tell yourself how great your 360 is, then pray every night that the ps3 fails. I mean fallout 3 sold great on both consoles, so obviously the "poor sales" didn't have to bad of an effect... Then maybe he has 10 agrees because he is calling out an obvious fanboy, and people are agreeing.

Fanboys like you are the ones who come off as delusional. And that is whats sad to see.

bunbun7775058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

you make me *want* to slam my head into a car door.

you talk about this delusional bizarro ps3 world like a redneck talks about the city.

In your world Beth looked at Ps3's sales and said-- "nah--- no dlc for them"

But because I stand up for a console that is of high quality and say that I want DLC too--- I'm the one that's delusional?

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Nineball21125058d ago


I don't understand why a developer would do that to their customers...

unless, they were *asked* not to upgrade it by someone else.


cherrypie5058d ago

Do you care to re-attach yourself to reality a moment?

Whatever makes you sleep at night is fine with me, but blaming MS for what is Sony and PS3's responsibility is just utter nonsense.

You're simply spreading lies because you cant face reality: Sony and PS3 have failed, and this Bethesda decision is a directly result.

And no amount of childish name calling lies will change that reality.

The PS3 is going to be the Dreamcast and Amiga of the future, its hyper-loyal zealous fanbase going to be clinging to their failed technology and poor decisions.

solidjun55058d ago

shut up. You got issues. PS3 is going to be dreamcast? listen you're a troll and very poor one at it. Go ------> that way. You belong there. You're annoying.

rockleex5057d ago

You seem to know the future. Yea, keep asking that mirror on the wall.

Cherrypie: Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all?

Mirror: Sony

Cherrypie: AARGH!! >_< MUST GO SPAM N4G!!!

jadenkorri5057d ago (Edited 5057d ago )

you really should read the article first, then read what you post

"We got in touch with “Fallout 3″ executive producer Todd Howard for an answer. So, is post-ending adventuring something Bethesda is considering for PS3 players?

“Not at this time, no,” said Howard. <-----HERE IMPORTANT PART

That doesn’t sound too hopeful. What do you make of Bethesda’s decision?"

the article says not at this time meaning that their either not doing it, or doing it later, what sucks the most is that the ps3 again gets put aside despite the sales for it were on par with the 360, yes the 360 sold more, but the ps3 being 8 million behind and only approx 800-900 units sold more than the ps3 is kinda of embarrassing for the 360 if its suppost to be dominating over the ps3... your fanboy remarks are not necessary and belong somewhere else...

@ rockleex above
lol, bubble for you...

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Pennywise5058d ago

No comment means - Soon.

Tacticity5058d ago

We know MS has Bethesda under a big payroll to slapp the PS3 around. This is just fu!king crasy first the dlc for it, and then dlc for GTA IV. The funny thing MS is to fu!king stupid themselves to look at the reality and see around that people arnt stupid to see whats really going on.

Helghast Slayer5058d ago

Man all this negativity sure makes me happy i havent't bought a single game from Bethesda. Oh well carry on then. I always try to keep away from third party american devs (discluding EA because i love the fifa series, also Dead Space was awesome too) because i know there is a chance MicroSCUM will do the inevitable.