Halo Wars Demo Coming Feb 5th

Hurray, Halo Wars demo announced and dated - February 5th. Gamers will be able to play the first two campaign missions. The demo will also include "Chasms," one of "Halo Wars'" 14 multiplayer maps, wherein players can battle it out in Skirmish mode vs. A.I as either UNSC or Covenant.

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MGOelite3581d ago

wow they are really trying to pull people away from killzone 2

panasonic233581d ago

lol how are trying to pull people away i love nervous troll

Insomnia_843581d ago

So now it is Demo Vs Demo? lol
Microsoft is pathetic!!

GameOn3581d ago

Thats a pathetic post.

Go back to where you belong.

Droid Control3581d ago

After Halo1 the series has crashed. I don't care what the reviews say, the sequels are adverage at best. Everything that made the original is gone.

And halo wars, RTS? Really???


I'm so sick of halo and gears!
I love my Xbox, but i just wish it wasn't represented by such crappy games...

SAiOSiN3581d ago

wasn't there an article saying how ms is scared of kz2? first they make the gta dlc feb. 17 because of the speculated kz2 release date. then they make halo wars release next to kz2 as close as possible. now they release the demo the same day on the same day the kz2 demo comes out. how pathetic.

docsavage3581d ago

I don't see them as competitors at all. RTS vs FPS on two separate systems? Maybe competing for press time but that's about all.

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