Killzone 2: The $545 Press Kit Exposed - Full Images

"Take a proper look at one of the smartest promotional items ever to leave Sony Towers - it's the Killzone 2 Press Kit!"

"Some people can get carried away in all the excitement... but it must be said, this is a *particularly lovely* press kit, with a gorgeous art book any PS3 fan would be mad not to want."

"The promotional book may be impossible to track down, but Sony's said it's OK for us to show you it."

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AnttiApina3558d ago

That's pretty awesome! The servant of Visari looks badass!

Masta_fro3558d ago

the wait is killing me.

Max Power3558d ago

Radec does look very badass, i think he is the Helghan on the box of the pS3 Bundle, where i got my avatar.

Michael Jackson3558d ago

Maybe that site should be renamed Kikilzone!
As a dedicated Killzone fan, thank you! You guys rock!

Nineball21123558d ago

Dang! review code... art book... lucky.

Skerj3558d ago

Why doesn't sh*t like this get released to the fans? They put all that work into it only to release them to press outlets, these would make fine collector's edition offerings instead of the random bullshit that is normally cast upon us.

ZombieNinjaPanda3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Some of those pictures are soo awesome.

Take a look at Radec, he looks like he's really bad ass hehe ;)



Shmapanese3558d ago

SCEA+ps3+KILLZONE 2+2009 +feburary= hEAVENLY POWNAGE

ps: yo,we need an N4G clan up in here since the majority are ps fans-
anywho,im down,just PM me if you are too.

The_Firestarter3558d ago

That's a fantastic idea! There should definitely be a N4G clan. I'd be down with it too.

Itrguy0013558d ago

i didnt disagree with u but its SCEE not SCEA just to clarify things GG is in Europe

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The story is too old to be commented.