GameTrailers: Race Pro Preview

Race Pro takes a practice lap.

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Chris3995510d ago (Edited 5510d ago )

The game looks terribly generic. The tracks are totally uninspired and the cars aren't rendered very well. Screen tearing at several points in the video as well. Watch near the end of the clip where the race-car flips, no dust or anything, it looks like a tonka toy thrown by a petulant child. Gameplay might be tight (as in the PC version), but we play "next-gen" games on our fancy white and black boxes for the visual appeal, and it's just not there for this title.

I enjoy Forza and GT, this just looks like another "car game". A demo would be nice, to make or break opinions. Considering that the game is like a month or so from release, I don't know what the holdup is.

NaiNaiNai5510d ago

well since we really haven't seen much, i have a feeling it will get better. ive seen the simbin games on PC and they have smoke dust and particle effects so this should too. only one way to find out, wait for a review of the game.

jcfilth5510d ago

360 can not do GT5:P graphics. (or KZ's)
LOL at 2:09.


PS3 true Next-Gen Console!!

ZootHornRollo5510d ago

what type of wheel well people use to enjoy the amazing game.



Top 10 of Best Racing Games for The Xbox 360

It’s no secret that the Xbox 360’s lifespan is coming to an end, meaning we’ve got an extensive library of games to sort through and possibly trade-in to GameStop or EBGames. Because of this, used Xbox 360 games are incredibly cheap, and a lot of people might be spending this summer adding those last few games to their collections.

Time to round up the best racing titles in a Top 10 run down.

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mcstorm3935d ago

For me its forz4 forza horizon, forza 3, pgr4, pgr3 as my top 5

ZILLA3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

(fart)nobody cares

windblowsagain3934d ago

The list is a good arcade type racing list.


Xbox Live Marketplace Update: Thursday 30th July 2009

Console Monster writes: "If you thought the last few Xbox Live Marketplace updates have been lacking in content, today's certainly doesn't, with an array of new content releasing. The highlight of today's new content is the Race Pro downloadable content, which comes in the form of two new packs containing new cars and tracks. There's also some new Guitar Hero: World Tour tracks, Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires content and a range of themes and picture packs. Here is the full Marketplace update for Thursday 30th July 2009:

Game Add-Ons

Race Pro Pack 2
Price: 560 Microsoft Points
Size: 2 GB
8 cars (52 skins) / 2 Tracks / WTCC 08 season Lada 110 WTCC Honda Accord Euro R Volvo C30 BMW E90 Chevrolet Lacetti Seat Leon TDI Seat Leon TFSI Formula Master Estoril (Portugal) Okayama (Japan) There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see www.xbox.com/live/accounts..."

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darthv725322d ago

Oh wait..that came out the 29th. My bad.

5322d ago

RACE Pro DLC released

The long awaited downloadable content for RACE Pro is finally here and available for download. There are a number of new cars added to the game, as well as the Mid Ohio track (plus variations) and the Spa Francorchamps race way.

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Blaze9295322d ago

Who the hell was waiting? Didn't know people actually still play this game yet alone bought it.