GameTrailers: Race Pro Preview

Race Pro takes a practice lap.

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Chris3995062d ago (Edited 5062d ago )

The game looks terribly generic. The tracks are totally uninspired and the cars aren't rendered very well. Screen tearing at several points in the video as well. Watch near the end of the clip where the race-car flips, no dust or anything, it looks like a tonka toy thrown by a petulant child. Gameplay might be tight (as in the PC version), but we play "next-gen" games on our fancy white and black boxes for the visual appeal, and it's just not there for this title.

I enjoy Forza and GT, this just looks like another "car game". A demo would be nice, to make or break opinions. Considering that the game is like a month or so from release, I don't know what the holdup is.

NaiNaiNai5062d ago

well since we really haven't seen much, i have a feeling it will get better. ive seen the simbin games on PC and they have smoke dust and particle effects so this should too. only one way to find out, wait for a review of the game.

jcfilth5062d ago

360 can not do GT5:P graphics. (or KZ's)
LOL at 2:09.


PS3 true Next-Gen Console!!

ZootHornRollo5062d ago

what type of wheel well people use to enjoy the amazing game.