DEN Interview: Johnathan Wendel

DEN writes: "I met with Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, and the first thing he asked was if we were doing a video interview or not. Why? Because if we were going to video it, then he would have to continue standing in front of his banner where the lighting is good for the camera. Instead, this was simply him and I talking, so we were able to go, sit, get away from the noise of the CES floor, and relax a little. Here is a guy that goes to CES every year and performs. It's hard enough for a guy like me trying to pack in meetings all day, but here is a guy that has to be at the top of his game all day providing interviews, competing in tournaments, and plenty more. The chance for him to sit down for a few minutes looked quite welcome."

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Gun_Senshi3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Why do you suck so much in team base games and games that have weapon recoil like counterstrike and battlefield?

PS. No I do envy him. I love my job (Graphic Designer in Pre-Press Company) and he is not a gamer. He only plays 1 game 8 hours + a day to pratice for tournament. That is not playing for fun. As a Gamer I play a variety of games for fun.