Proposed Tax Break Forgets Mature Games

According to GamePolitics, Oklahoma state senator Sykes has proposed a tax break bill for game developers. Sounds like great news considering all the turmoil that has been going around lately, but what's the catch? The catch is that all games getting the tax break would have to be at or below the ESRB rating of Teen, meaning that all of us "Mature" gamers wouldn't see a break for the developers of our games.

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bgrundman3652d ago

Leave it to legislators to support their own agendas.

bgrundman3652d ago

Things like this make me sick... Is this bill sponsored by Jack Thompson?

killyourfm3652d ago

You can bet Jack Thompson's evil fingers were in this pie somewhere. This is just disgusting, there's nothing more to say.

JimmyJames703652d ago

It's Oklahoma, and a politician, what else would you expect?

bgrundman3652d ago

Good Call, Do you think something like this actually has a chance of getting passed?

killyourfm3652d ago

Yes, let's pray it doesn't..

bgrundman3652d ago

But you can bet that there are some crazy fundamental christian activists that are promoting this like crazy... What the hell is the matter with this country!?

Armyless3652d ago

This time the idiot politician has an (R) next to his name,last time it was a (D). Point being that these arseholes do anything politically expedient and the support FOR M+ rated games is by and large a vacuum to the ignorant mainstream who think "video games" is synonymous with children.

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ammonator3652d ago

Once again, they look at video games totally ignoring movies, TV, and music. Thanks for the consideration.... not!

mirroredderorrim3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Imo, Oklahoma does not have sh!t to say about anything. Someone from the Bible-belt trying to put a tax/taxbreak on games, now that's just funny to me.

I guess the collection plates aren't enough for their pockets, LOL.

Edit: "Oklahoma is facing a budget shortfall this year and that may not make such a tax break very appealing to many people."

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