Gamerlimit Review: Devil May Cry 4

The Devil May Cry franchise reinvigorated the action adventure genre when it was first released in 2001 for the Playstation 2. Dante, the title character, is not by any means an orthodox hero. He is the son of a demon, and his story is motivated by revenge for his mother's death. The main gameplay premise that sets Devil May Cry apart from its predecessors is the ability to become a "stylish hero", meaning sometimes using moves that aren't practical, just to look good. Devil May Cry 4, released for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, seeks to uphold the series' legacy. Read on to find out if it succeeded.

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NaiNaiNai3557d ago

could you possibly be any later. T_T

LarVanian3557d ago

Posted on January 23rd 2009, almost one year after the game came out.

You cannot be serious?

MegaMohsi3557d ago

His complaints are still valid though, I had the same issues with this game. It felt like half a game mirrored into a full game

NaiNaiNai3557d ago

they may be valid, but its to late for anyone to care. XD

chrisjc3557d ago

I see your point, but I wanted people to see where the series has gone. It's not just a review on Devil May Cry 4, it's a general look at what the series has brought to the table in the past, and where it has gone wrong.