Burnout Paradise - Free Pack Details

AutoGaming writes: "Criterion has given us some details as to what is included in the FREE Pack which is coming on the 6th of February. Also coming on the 6th is the premium release of the Party Pack."

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SmokedOut4575d ago

Thank goodness there upgrading the night time lighting, i sometimes have a hard time seeing at night going so fast.

IzKyD13314575d ago

Criterion is so awesome, they're giving away free DLC a year after the game releases

Sheddi4575d ago

Seriously, developers should follow in their steps.
What ever game Criterion is releasing ill get it, because i know its gonna be good and supported for a long time.
They have built up a very very good reputation for them selves!

Are_The_MaDNess4575d ago

cool i think
so when r the new cars coming?

joydestroy4575d ago

i agree, they need to add some new cars at this point. hell, i'll pay for 'em even. as long as they aren't too expensive. and bikes too. there's only like 3 bikes or something right now. 6 would be awesome. maybe add a harley or something.

micro_invader4575d ago

4 bikes, actually (2 are more are unlocked if you beat all timetrials.)

More cars are welcome, although I stil haven't unlocked all my cars yet :P

ZombieNinjaPanda4575d ago

Criterion are amazing developers!

This is awesome!

Barrel rolls though? Meh

Now all they have to do is add in split screen and fix those annoying clipping auto crash issues :)


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The story is too old to be commented.