Killzone 2 - What is Warzone?

Behind every great shooter is great multiplayer, and Killzone 2, Sony's upcoming PS3-exclusive FPS, is no different. Here, in's Killzone 2 - What is Warzone? feature, it dishes the dirt on the game's multiplayer classes and modes.

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jkhan3582d ago

Well well, Killzone 2 has been getting a lot of love from Videogamer :P
I am guessing Killzone 2 will be getting another 9.5/10 from them.

Maddens Raiders3582d ago

The Best Shooter You'll Play in 2009.


edhe3582d ago

Unless you don't have a ps3 ;)

Shane Kim3582d ago

Sounds like a hell of a fun. Can't wait.

SAiOSiN3582d ago

this looks like it will replace my love for cod4. u heard me cod4!
CODWAW sucks really hard. kz2 ftmfw!

OGharryjoysticks3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

My guess is there is a lot of players that start in multiplayer and beef up the skills they need and a couple weeks later get around to whatever campaign mode there is. I'm really not fond of multiplayer shooters because I swear some players do this and by the time I finish the story mode (which usually takes me a little bit of time because I can't play all day or everyday) and get into trying the multiplayer I'm so far below everybody's skill level it seems the games aren't fun because I get killed so frequently and quickly :)

Edit: SAiOSiN, Fishy Fingers, and Nineball2112 it looks like I can cross you all off my list of revenge on people who have taken advantge of my single player appreciation. See you online :)

SAiOSiN3582d ago

i always play sp b4 mp. i need the figure out the feel of the game, the controls, and the strategies that i can use later in mp. the only sp i skipped was codwaw. i went straight to mp, and well i was very disappointed. sold the game last week. i still play a lot of cod4. i just want k2 to surpass cod4 in every way possible so that will be my main gaming priority.

Fishy Fingers3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Personally I never touch MP until I've had my fill of SP. I hate jumping on MP and seeing all the weapons/tools before they're introduced properly in SP. Plus, it's good training, I know people who have missed gameplay mechanics completely because they jumped straight on MP and werent introduced to them via SP experience.

Each to their own of course. But I'm still a big fan of story and SP in general. Few blasts through (good training), then hit MP until my eyes bleed :)

Nineball21123582d ago

for a while now.

I agree with you guys above me. I normally always play through the SP campaign first for the same reasons listed above:

Feel of the weapons
Gameplay strategy
Getting used to the controls

But with the ranking system in KZ2, I think I'll be at an even bigger disadvantage than I usually am. Those perks that you get the higher in class you are... are extremely valuable.

However, I think there's a way to filter who you play against, so you won't get slaughtered by someone who is WAY above you in rank.

If that's true... then I'll probably still play through the SP first.

Anyone know 100% for sure?

Pennywise3582d ago

Good point. I usually play single player to hone my skills, but by the time the game is done the people playing MP will be higher ranked and owning me.

I might take a different approach to this one because I plan on playing a lot of MP.

Fishy Fingers3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Yeah, you can filter/search for/by..

Player count
Game Type
etc etc
(or any combination of the above)

You can specify exactly and find just what YOU want to play. No matchmaking here, you decide whats best for you, just how it should be, picking from a list.

Nineball21123582d ago

Thanks for the info., bro. (Hey, that rhymed!)

That makes my decision easier.

I'll probably stick to my strategy of playing the SP first then.

The MP for this game won't be going anywhere! LOL... I'm sure it'll be around when I'm done with the SP.

Draperc3582d ago

I usually play the single player campaign first to get a good feel for the controls then jump into multiplayer.

Max Power3582d ago

just get the demo and you'll have plenty of time to bone up on your MP skills, and learn a map or two. And when the game drops play SP, then once finished jump onto the MP and your skills will be a tighter than what they would have. (this is assuming the demo as an MP element, but even if it doesn't you can still get a feel for the controls in what ever level is included)

legendkilla3582d ago

i was in the beta so im going straight into the MP! you guys are going to get killzowned! rank ^

Bathyj3582d ago

I'm Aussie, ao I get the game 2 days before most of you. I figure a 40 hour stint, and I'll be invincible by the time you get in and I'll slaughter you all. MUHAHAHA.

Just kidding, I'm all about the single player, I dont even play online, but I might have a go of Killzone, I love the idea of mixing the different badges. Plus I feel like a bit of a heel, I have a friends list and keep getting invites but never play.

Shane Kim3582d ago

Well I'm from EU so I'll do what bathyj is going to do ;). By the time the "yanks" come in we europeans will be hardened veterans :P.

Helghast Slayer3582d ago

Yeah i always make sure i finish the single player part of all my games before i jump into anything multiplayer.

Marcelles253581d ago

there are like "begginers only" rooms that i played in the beta but i dont know if it has been changed for the final code

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SeanScythe3582d ago

Warzone is like coming home from a hard day at work to find your wife having sex with someone else. Only then to see another beautiful woman is the one she's with and then they ask you what are you waiting for?

Warzone is just like that you get in and it's insane at first then once you get the hang of it it throws you a curveball. Once you ge the hang of that it does it again. It's a blast and I loved every second.

What does that have to do with your wife in bed with a sexy woman? Hell if I know but both sound really fun to me.

Pennywise3582d ago

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds fun to me too!

Helghast Slayer3582d ago

I'll triple that. Sound very pleasing to me also.

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