Bit-tech: C&C: Red Alert 3 Uprising Preview

Bit-tech writes:

"'m not sure exactly why it is, but human beings have a remarkable sixth sense for determining how malicious and evil a company might be based on its name. It's one of those mysterious of nature, like twins who can sense when the other is too close to a shark or alligator. We hear these company names and we just know they are evil.

Just look at some of the most dangerous companies ever conceived of; Cyberdyne Systems, Weyland Yutani, Wolfram and Hart – their names just ooze malevolence.

Now, we can add a new name to that list too; Futuretech.

To recap, in Red Alert 3 the Tim Curry-led Soviet forces used a time machine to travel back in time and kill Einstein. In the super-camp Red Alert 3 world the Soviets hoped that killing Einstein would disrupt the technological advances of their enemies enough for Russia to gain the upper hand."

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