Games that need a little time off

"Rock Band" developer Harmonix, hard at work on its as-yet-untitled Beatles game, made waves recently when its CEO announced that we'd see no "Rock Band 3" in 2009. If you're disappointed, don't be.

"Rock Band 2" perfected the first game's formula, and Harmonix and MTV Games are keeping the cupboard stocked with fresh downloadable songs every week. Harmonix is a small developer and, as Wired's Game Life blog pointed out, putting off yet another "Rock Band" will allow the team to stay focused on the Beatles game, increasing its chances of being better than that lame "AC/DC Live" game from last year.

In that spirit, here are a few other often-updated franchises that could stand to take time off:

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Nineball21123652d ago

"Eidos' "Tomb Raider": It's time to retire Lara Croft. The last few "Tomb Raider" games have been released to decent reviews, but nobody's buying them. What's more, the poor sales cause the games' developers to endlessly twiddle the "sexy" knob. One year, we'll hear how people who grew up with Lara on the PlayStation are too old now for the jigglefests of yore. Then, the next year we hear about how the last game wasn't sexy enough. In just one game, Sony's new "Uncharted" franchise for the PS3, whose male protagonist prompted the nickname "Dude Raider," has shown that gamers care more about brains and heart more than, well, you know."