IGN: White Knight Chronicles Extended Playtest - Preview

It's surprising to think that White Knight Chronicles (or Shirokishi Monogatari, to give its Japanese name), is the first major RPG developed for the PS3. It's been created by Level-5, the developer responsible for the unfairly overlooked Dark Cloud and the justifiably admired Dragon Quest VIII, and the pedigree is pretty obvious throughout. Mostly, it's obvious because of the technical accomplishment; of a game world containing huge towns and cities to explore, expansive vistas to admire, and some stunning set-pieces, such as the moving city of Greed – a huge city joined together by a vast rail system that sits atop the back of a huge leviathan who wanders around an even more gargantuan canyon. But it's also apparent from the innovative way that the game ties together massively multiplayer mechanics with the structure of a traditional Japanese RPG.

And while [the] story verges on simplistic at times (you will be amazed at how many times you can catch up with the kidnapped princess only to see her snatched away again), and while some of the environments seem under-populated, and while there will be moments where you have no choice but to grind your way to a higher character level, there is something about White Knight Chronicles that is compelling enough to see you through to the end. You'll be left with memories of faraway places, exotic races, and an online community that, so far at least, is welcoming and friendly. And that's just the beginning: White Knight Chronicles is just the first part of a planned trilogy which will eventually encompass over a hundred hours of gaming. It's a pretty decent start.

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