Press Start Now: Call Of Duty: World at War Review

The next installment of the Call of Duty series is here in Call of Duty: World at War. With the addition of online co-op, multiplayer vehicles, and a higher online level cap, CoD:WaW showed major potential. Unfortunately, potential and reputation are not the only things that make up a great video game. Some things about CoD:WaW are awesome, but there are also many things that they could have made better.

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Powertesties3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

This review is coming in pretty late to the fray.

Anyways, the game is amazing. I am enjoying it just as much as COD 4 but I can completely understand it some of you like COD4 a bit more. The different style of weapons is a biggie for a lot of people.

Anyways, Zombies rule and I want to see more of them soon! New levels, zombie related fun would be awesome. ZOMBIE ZOMBIES ZOMBIES

Also, I have played this on both the PS3 and the 360 and there is no difference. I did notice a harder time connecting with my friends than on the 360. No biggie of course.

Pennywise3556d ago

What is it a zombie mode? I havent played this one yet because I am sooo tired of WWII games. Zombies sound cool though!!!

And a quick comment on your last sentence... You have trouble connecting to friends on XBL and it is not a big deal? Isnt that the service you pay for? Should that service be the flawless one?

Powertesties3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

My friend, I have yet to have any problems on Live. That is the truth. I play most of my games on Live because the service is worth paying for.

Not saying there are not problems (or that you haven't experienced problems) but I have yet to experience any that would make me say that Live should be free.

As for the Zombie mode, man it is killer! You are inside of compound, up to 4 players are holding down the fort. Wave after wave of zombies are coming. You earn points for each hit you deliver to a zombie and each window you board up. You use these points to buy guns. Freaking awesome!

DA_SHREDDER3556d ago

I think he meant that he has a hard time connecting to friends on the ps3. Its funny because Im always host on the 360 after the game does the host migration, but I always get booted out of the ps3 version of the game. The 360 version is far superior then the ps3 when it comes to the online aspect of it all. Also, the zombie mode is refreshing, but pointless. It usually ends up being a yelling match because you can never beat it, and everyone just gets pissed off at each other for messing up the perimeter.

Now onto the review.. How does this idiot think its a bad game cause it plays and feels like Cod4? This douche bag talks about how good the sound is, and even compares the graphics to pc games, but says its not as good as COD4 because it wasn't made by infinity ward. This is whats wrong with the media today. You got retards that don't grade games on how good they are. They always compare them to other games. The only reason why this game got rated so low was because it was made by Treyarch. This is an Epic failure of a review. I dont know why anyone would let this dude do reviews on their site. Booo this man.

Pennywise3556d ago

I think he meant what he said, but you have your side too. Dont assume because you have no problems that someone else doesnt!