Sony Talks Online, HD Usage

You might have noticed an OPM feature that ran on 1UP this morning chatting with president of Sony Worldwide Studios Phil Harrison. He's the man responsible for overseeing all of the first-party game coming out of the company, from Warhawk to the next-generation efforts from the Shadow of the Colossus team.

Though the interview's from March's Game Developers Conference, contained within are some interesting comments about Sony's plans for PlayStation 3. When asked whether their online service will be similar to Microsoft's:

"I suppose you could think of it in a linear way: On one side, you've got Microsoft or AOL, with their "walled garden" approach. And on the other extreme, you've got Google or the open Internet, with uncontrolled, unregulated access to all. And where do we sit on that continuum? Well, it's definitely more the [Google] way than the [Microsoft] way. Having said that, we will obviously obey and be governed by ratings organizations, whether [they regulate] films or games, depending on the content, all around the world. And we need to be sensitive to the privacy protections of players. All those things that you'd expect will clearly be maintained. But, beyond that, I want innovation to be proven by experimenting with new games. You know, shelf space is infinite online. There are no restrictions. There are no practical impediments to putting anything up there. I think that's great for our players, that they can get experiences that they wouldn't get only at retail. [Online] is not going to replace retail, but it enriches the experience, it grows the market, and I think everybody wins."

FamoAmo6311d ago

This guy must be smokin something. So you will be able to google search on the ps3?? You can browse websites like I highly doubt that with all the hackers and sh!t they would have a field day!!! If Sony can even come close to what XBL has I will be surprised!! He is talking like Sony online will be better and have so many more options... yeah I'll believe it when I see it!! That should be any consumers thinking about Sony "I'll believe it when I see it" until then STFU!! LOL

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THELANDSOFSAND6311d ago (Edited 6311d ago )

1- "We're looking to create leading-edge examples of what the network platform can do, from launch onward, in as many of those "wheel of fortune" spokes as we can. Obviously, not all of them will be from day one, but we will have very compelling examples and experience for gamers from launch"

ah well, maybe if they focus by 2007 or 2008 Sony can create a network that has the features of Live!. Maybe.

2- "So, one of those games that we show at [this year's] E3, two years from now, is going to be looked on as the Fantavision of the PlayStation 3."

well thats reassuring that the launch titles will be classic games that aren't rushed.

3- "because if I had taken them off what they're doing for E3 to create a new demo just for GDC, we would have suffered at E3."

This is exactly what Bungie and Epic did for Halo 3 and Gears Of War at E3 and they coped just fine- they took a small team away from their main project to make an awesome E3 presentation. Because they respect the game press, developers, E3 and the gamers who watch from home- E3 2006 was incredibly important for the next gen systems- I don't see any good reasons for why Sony game developers can't manage the same thing as bungie and epic...
The only true reasons I can imagine are the PS3 tech specs weren't finalised, the joypad just underwent a major overhaul and the PS3 developers are too rushed or behind in coding to provide a work team for a E3 demo.

4- "Well, I'll give you an example; Kazunori [Yamauchi, producer of the Gran Turismo series] would kill me for this: Imagine Gran Turismo shipping on a disc with one car and one track. And then you can browse, online, a dynamic circuit of vehicles that's growing every day because either the car manufacturers are adding new vehicles or we're adding new vehicles. And you can see a specific-type car that's being called up and say, "I think I'll play with that one. Let me download and play it." Maybe the business model allows you to play it for a day; maybe the business model allows you to own it forever."

Oh great, ship a non-existant game, and then endlessly take money from the gamers so that they can actually enjoy the game. You bastards sony, you guys act like crack dealers.

Lucidmantra6311d ago

Unfortunately Sony is a one note harmonica they are trying to do the same thing they did to Sega with the DC unfortunately Microsoft is a company that is about 3 times richer than they are and alot smarter. They are trying to hype the 360 into an early grave... But it won't happen.

pRo loGic II6311d ago

This Phil guy's doing great damage to Sony, i sense this will be the same mess they had with the PS2. AOL thing was ridiculous if anybodies like AOL it will be Sony PS3 will have a sloppy, unpredictable, and will be charging people while people think their service is completely free.

Lucidmantra6311d ago

To many talking heads talking to much at Sony. I see a huge class action lawsuit coming on them when this PS3 thing isn't as good as it seems.

zypher6311d ago

he didn't say anything about google-searching on the PS3. google was used simply as a reference for comparison. and you're right. you shouldn't believe anything until you see it. thats called wise shopping. i did the same thing before getting a 360: and i'll do the same thing before getting a PS3. but i will say this: despite all the negativity thrown at Sony nowadays, what i see i like, and thats great games, not political mumbo-jumbo. Resistance, Lair, Heavenly Sword and Assassins Creed are new ip's showing great promise: FFXIII, DMC4, MGS4 etc. are proven franchises i KNOW will deliver the goods. it should be as simple as that.

pRo loGic II6311d ago

This guy's full of sh!t and Sony's PS3 is a joke it should be as simple as that.

zypher6311d ago

because YOU don't like Phil or Ken? can you give me one credible bit of logical, unemotional evidence that the PS3 is a joke? fanboys crack me up. they dog a system they don't like, then say how all its games are eventually gonna come to the system they like. thats the lesson i had to learn. why wait around hoping that GRAW and Obilvion would eventually come to the PS3, when i could just enjoy them now on the 360. if the games are there, why dog the system? Phil can come out and declare that he eats soap sandwiches for breakfast for all i care, just as long as he delivers a system that has good games. to date i haven't seen that as even being fractionally improbable.

pRo loGic II6311d ago (Edited 6311d ago )

WELLLL i think it's a joke the same way you think the 360's a joke. I think the controllers are weak( although i'm glad their working on the analog sensativaty)plus the tilt pad is not practical for standard gaming(widly used on games that is)i don't like a bounch of CGI and PS3 will decive gamer's with CGI and pass it off for next-gen graphics. I don't like the games, so for the most part i think the PS3's a joke in much the same way you think the 360's a joke. The quality control of the games that come out for Sony is very poor,I just like western style adult type games better. If i wan't a HD-DVD player i will buy a stand alone for qaulity reasons. A one thousand dollar Blu-ray player does'nt sound appealing for three hundred bucks. Open on line is FUCED UP AS WELL!, It's a very UGLY console and the pads are not comfortable. These are different times and simply pumping games out like the PS2 did is not going to work with the market Mirosoft's going after Home entertainment is going to be on par with HollyWood so title like Fable 2, GRAW OBLIVION, CRACK DOWN, ALAN WAKE, MASS EFFECT, and many more! are of course different than you're use too.

zypher6311d ago (Edited 6311d ago )

well no offense, but if you calm down and read my post, you'll notice that i DO have a 360. i've have NEVER thought or said that the 360 was a joke: i just didn't like what it was offering until now. thats called preference, not bashing. you have never read a post where i slammed either Microsoft or the 360. i could've easly waited for GRAW and (hopefully) Oblivion to come to the PS3, but that would've been impratical and illogical. Chromehounds, GOW, Halo 3, Prey, Bioshock are promising 360 games that i look foward to playing, which is why i ACTUALLY WENT OUT AND BOUT THE SYSTEM, instead of just sitting back like most PS3 (and XBox 360) fans and slamming it without actually trying it.

most of your reasons for hating the PS3 are either a) preferential or b) non-existent, which brings me to the conclusion that c) you have no credible evidence that its a joke. Sony fools people with CGI? why do you think that? because two games (Killzone and the original Motorstrom trailer) were in CG? MGS4, Lair, Heavy Rain, FFXIII, Assassins Creed, Resistance, Heavenly Sword have all been CONFIRMED as real-time. whats more, only one of those games is actually a Sony game (Resistance). the rest are 3rd party. so i don't see how that translates into SONY fooling people. that you like western-style adult games is your prerogative: just like someone else may like what the PS2/3 has to offer better. thats no reason to slam any particular system or any particular fan.

FamoAmo6311d ago

Beside the 4 games Sony is coming out with that look OK What else are you banking on? Assassins Creed screens are 360 dev kit screens DMC is a good series MGS is also a good series... FF is played out that RPG IS OLD CRAP!!! FF is a last gen game not next gen!! Besides those PS3 has crap for games and all the screens for the ps3 blow!!! I think the 360 has the better games and that my opinion only!!

pRo loGic II6311d ago

Microsoft has a standard of showing the true gameplay of games vs pretty CGI vids they have said this plenty of times they don't want it to back fire on them.( YOU don't see how that translates into SONY fooling people)how can you not they've be doing it for a decade.

zypher6311d ago

pRo loGic II i'm done with you. i can only think of so many different ways to say that I HAVE A XBOX 360 AND LIKE IT! i don't know whats hard to understand about that. you keep talking about all these 360 games as if i'm slamming them. yes, THEY LOOK PROMISING! yes, I INTEND ON GETTING THEM!

as far as this famo person and Assassins Creed: tell me, why would Microsoft consent to endorsing the PS3 by allowing Ubisoft to demo a game for the PS3 using 360 hardware? that makes NO SENSE. if Assassins Creed were indeed being rendered on the 360, you'd think that Microsoft would want it to be known. and the last time i checked, when Microsoft wants something to be known, they don't do it by releasing cryptic rumors on fanboy-driven forums. you rag about how Sony is rehashing old ip's, but you only name FF as the one you don't like. aside from that i don't know how to address your comment, other than to say that you're simply being preferential. your opinion is your opinion, fine. but only non-fanboys have some credible logic to back up their opinions, other than to say that FF (one of the most lauded game franchises EVER) sux!

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shoota336311d ago

you are one stupid piece of crap.i can browse the internet and come to this site on my psp so what the hell are you talking about the ps3 will be able to browse the internet also.

pRo loGic II6311d ago (Edited 6311d ago )

A PSP is not complex enough to be hacked my sell phones pretty safe too. PS3 is like a computer and other gaming console's have been hacked. You Sony fanboys will say anything to defend PS3 like it's you're mom being talked about. And it's easy to see who's the kids posting vs the adults.

FamoAmo6311d ago

The PSP is junk I bought 1 and took it back.. the games are sh!t it has no movie supprot anymore and the DS dominates the psp!!! I can browse the internet on my computer too!! Your a POS beatch!! Go play your POS PSP!! Or is the screen scratched to sh!t??? That thing sucks!! I'll shut up b/c I don't want to start some flame sh!t but your intitled to your opinion and so am I!!!