Double Dragon on the Xbox Live Arcade

Here's a video of the upcoming Double Dragon game for XBLA.

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nicodemus4253d ago

This really brought back the memories. First the girl with the whip, and then the big bald guy -- I was laughing so hard!

That's a purchase.

Ravenator5294253d ago

Watching that guy get his @ss kicked reminded me as to how frustrating that game could be.

I'll pass!

Mainly because its just another crap retro game.

Black Republican4253d ago

I could be wrong but I get the impression you didn't play video games back in the day...
Because if you did well msot ppl would actually appreciate this coming on live, I know I do.
brings back old times...

Ravenator5294253d ago

I have probably been playing games longer than you or at least just as long. Its just that I can't stand these retro re-release games.

I thought I could get into them when I purchased Street Fighter 2 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. But in the end, I played them for about a day or so and have never been back.

I played the sh1t out of those games when they were first released. So I figured that I would play them just as much today. Well, I was quite wrong. I don't think I will be paying $10 for a day of playing games that I enjoyed over 10 years ago.

Be my guest though!

But I'd rather spend $10 on a game that I have never played before or that was developed in 2006/2007 rather than 1988 with a coat of polish to make it look better.

TheSadTruth4253d ago

or you could just play in on an emulator and not waste $10.. better picture quality as well

BIadestarX4253d ago

I guess you are one of those that think that the wii virtual console is a piece of crap. since everything is a direct port.

marionz4253d ago

took 15 mins to finish! man this game is SHORT im so not spending points on it, once on my laptop ws enough! loved it back in the day tho

ANoobsJourney4253d ago

Anyone know when this game is going to be released? Thanks.

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The story is too old to be commented.