Analyst Slashes PS3 Sales Expectations Following Disappointing 2008

Analyst firm Cowen and Company has reduced its sales expectations for the PlayStation 3 after disappointing sales of the console in 2008.

The company now expects Sony will sell 4 million units in the US during 2009, down 2.25 million from previous estimates of 6.25 million units.

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Droid Control3556d ago

Its hardly worth shipping for that small number.

Blaim the economy!

360 man3556d ago


the video games dictator

LightningPS3PS33556d ago

Poor PS3. Please keep the dirt coming, eventually it should convince them to drop price. I hope so anyway.

Mindboggle3556d ago

What analysts need to do is to stop comparing the PS3 sales to wii and 360 sales and realise the PS3 is in its own race.

sajj3163556d ago

This is going to be fun ... I'm bookmarking this article and keeping Cowen and Company in mind!

Maddens Raiders3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago ) 2 years later the Triple is sitting at nearly 17 million sold and has ((((THE))) best looking games on any console out to date hands down, yet people are still looking for a way to ensure their jobs by saying / doing anything to make news and justify their positions. It's all just entertainment now. I consider it comedy really, and yeah saving the article will be good a good laugh down the road.

ultimolu3556d ago

Analysts need to stop playing God.
Seriously, they do.

Captain Tuttle3556d ago

There's a good chance they're right though. Analysts have been really bullish about the PS3 in the past, especially after Blu-Ray won. Now they're beginning to realize that it's going to be difficult for the most expensive console to catch up in a severe recession.

Danja3556d ago

because the PS3 will stay at $399 forever huh ?..

it's so funny that the recession is only gonna affect the PS3 huh ..not the 360..or Wii....? pls gimme a break..

the only reason why these so called analyst are even dropping there yearly estimate is because they PS3 didn't sell over a 1 million in December which wasn't to be expected since of it's price...had the 360 been $399 do you honestly think it would even sell 730k in one month ??

which other gaming system has ever sold this well at such a hefty price , so imagine when the price cut gonaa laugh when all these analyst has to eat there words again...

RememberThe3573556d ago

I think we all know that there is going to be a price cut in the states this year. Wait for them to change their expectations after that.

This may be good though the more pressure people put on Sony to drop the price the more change we have that it will happen sooner then later.

And honestly, We've been in a recession since January of 2008. Recessions usually late 12 to 18 months. If history is an teacher, we're over the hump. What we need now is to pick our selfs up and pull things back together.

ultimolu3556d ago

Well okay, if the three disagreers want me to say it, then so be it.

The PS3 is dying, the software sucks on it, and PS3 owners wasted $600.00 on a console that plays only blurays!

Analysts, once again are not God. They usually end up wrong.

Anon19743556d ago

Do they think that sales growth is just going to stop and reverse overnite? I'm don't follow.

karlostomy3555d ago

well darkrider...

it DID stop and reverse from nov 07 to nov 08.
it DID (most likely) stop and reverse dec 07 to dec08.

who's to say it won't continue?

A price drop is required.

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