Forbes writer responds to Rockband comment, still thinks it is a 'knockoff'

Thatgamingsite writes: "Forbes Writer, Peter C. Beller has responded to criticisms made after calling music game 'Rockband' a shameless knockoff in comparison to Guitar Hero. Althought it looks like he's sticking to his guns on this one."

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butterfinger3560d ago

Mr. Beller, it would be in your best interest to do some research before throwing around accusations and calling one game a knockoff of another. The people that work on Rock Band, AKA the Guitar Hero 1 devs, are probably relatively annoyed by your comments. Rock Band 1&2 have both been better than GH 2,3, and World Tour, while Guitar Hero World Tour was the most obvious knockoff to-date. lol. Nothing like Guitar Hero fanboys, eh Mr. Beller?

Amnesiac3560d ago

Music games are terrible.

Learn to play the real instrument, much more rewarding.

NaiNaiNai3559d ago

your a fool. i played GH 1, 2, 3 then i picked up real guitar because i loved the games. ive now been playing guitar for a year and half. and after playing drums on RB2, ive started to really think i would enjoy those as well. if your going to have a closed mind, go somewhere else and do it.

Amnesiac3559d ago

"your a fool"

I stopped reading right there. Try not contradicting yourself right off the bat and I might take you seriously.

NaiNaiNai3559d ago

sorry but if you stoped reading after that you are a fool. no wonder you think no one can get anything out of this game. go back to your corner and cry emo boy.

Amnesiac3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )


Anyone who signs there posts is clearly an idiot. We know who you are, your name is right above your post.

Quit being redundant, it makes you look like even more of a moron than you actually are.

NaiNaiNai3559d ago

its called a signature, but then again you wouldn't understand that.
-nai- <-----see my name is there and /\/\/\/\(up top) no duh, who would have know. only a pathetic person would point it out.

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pricklypete3559d ago

vocals, Drums and Bass.

then GHWT ripped that off. And they did it very poorly.

Who is the lo-ser now?

The Songs in Rockband are WAYYYYYY better than Guitar hero as well.

Elven63559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

I think GH 3 had a base option,

All those aspects where available as separate entities in years gone by, Rockband only brought them together.

outlawlife3559d ago

now this guy is just trying to save face but he ends up looking foolish

other games use the guitar hero controller as well, are they knockoffs too? there is even a rhythm game on xbla that allows specific use of the guitar controller...the name of it escapes me though

what about every single other rhythm game that came before hand with scrolling color indicators?

guitar freaks and beat mania were doing the scrolling music thing well before guitar hero, they just never caught on in the states...or even were released in some cases

Elven63559d ago

Even in his original story he had spelling issues like no tomorrow, in his "retraction" he follows suit, how is this guy still working for Forbes?

And yes he does look pretty foolish, it may have been better if he didn't say any thing at all.