THQ Angles For Red Ant Business

Following the news that Australian distributor has gone into administration, threatening the release dates of many titles down under,THQ has announced it is ready to pick up any shortfall.

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Leord3557d ago

I think that's really good news actually. It could mean that none of those games are going to need a headshot...

Dorjan3557d ago

Sounds good, we don't want Australians missing out!

Maticus3557d ago

That's awesome news, nice one THQ.

thetamer3557d ago

I think this is the time for the Australians. They should revolt. They should start a gaming revolution. Why has THQ bothered when we could have angry Australians? Has anyone seen angry Australians? They're awesome.

AndyA3557d ago

Good news that the Aussies shoudn't have to wait for Street Fighter IV Resi 5.