DS 2, PSP 2 coming in 2011?

Pocketgamer writes:

2011 is a moderately safe bet for when the next generation of consoles will arrive, although no official announcement from Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo has ever given any credence to this speculation. Ubisoft has, though, by announcing that it's hiring and acquiring technology in anticipation.

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TrevorPhillips3555d ago

PSP2 Yeaaaaa, DS 2 Yeaaaa :)

Helghast Slayer3555d ago

More like PSP2 yay, DS2 nay.

Joey Greco RULES3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Dont be such a Tool.

PSP2 im sure will be great, but history will always repeat itself if we dont learn from it...... So i hope Sony is taking notes.

TrevorPhillips3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

btw i guarantee you that hackers will find a way to hack the psp2 and ds2

deno3555d ago

I got one for you. psp games nay, ds game yay. psp lacks library ds trumps in library of games, fanboy.

dazzalfc3555d ago

While i agree that the DS has a vast library of games, i'd hardly call Catz, Dogz, Scrabble, the whole 'Imagine' series, the needless amount of brain training games, health 'games etc etc an impressive library im not saying there aren't quality games on the DS, because there are some real gems, but it does contain a truck load of crap.

Joey Greco RULES3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

The genius's at Sony prolly have the same mindset as you, hence, why they are sooooo far behind the Wii & DS. Nintendo wants EVERYONE to buy their consoles and games. They believe Games are for EVERYONE. Just b/c you wouldn't want a certain game, doesn't mean that the WORLD agrees with you. SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, RIGHT NOW is looking at those "crappy" games, and is getting ready to buy one of them.

FinalomegaS3554d ago

funny how someone disagree with that, it's really true but it seems someone thinks those crappy games aren't going to sell?

On topic:

DS2 or Nintendo gameboy HD or whatever you want to call it, backward compatible with DS games is a must.

PSP2 - I don't see what more they can go with, if they keep the same model of memory stick and ppl hack it again and have 3rd party devs not support it like the DS then it'll be in the same boat.

***Pirating is a crime and you hurt the gaming market, please buy legit and help our economy.***

^ was my little cry of help.

Joey Greco RULES3554d ago

ah, screw it. :)
lol. its ok to disagree sometimes. even if youre "wrong".
why? b/c no matter what a person's opinion is, there are still the facts.
i have no hard feelings towards people that disagree with me....i usually just feel sorry for them. :)
but thanks for the vote of confidence. :)

I was also gonna say that piracy is no excuse for the PSP in my mind. Its easier to pirate games for the DS.
you should check out something called "R4DS".....easier than modding the PSP.

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Darkfocus3554d ago

i think the ds has more good games but the psp's best games are better than the ds's best

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