Edge Feature: Killzone 2: Live at Abbey Road

Edge writes: "It's the sound that hits you. Your chest trembles with subtle power far beyond that of the crude thud of bass in a club, and shrill notes ply the very limits of your hearing.

Live orchestral music is breathtaking, especially when you're hearing it in Studio One at Abbey Road Studios. With fabric baffles hanging in rows on the high ceiling and subtly angled sections of wall all around, the acoustics of this auspicious hall render every note as sharp as you've ever heard. It makes you realise how infrequently we hear music that isn't amplified. This is music in its natural form: pure and vibrant."

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Helghast Slayer3558d ago

Funny the game is not even out yet but their doing the orchestra. Should be good.

Fishy Fingers3558d ago


The recording the article refers to is music that is being used in KZ2's cut scenes.

castags3558d ago

This is almost a month old article. I'm just as stoked as the next guy for this game but really, wait a little while and we'll get some new news.

InfectedDK3558d ago

Is it allowed to cry of excitement when the game comes out?

thereapersson3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Superb graphics? Check.

Superb gameplay? (based off of beta feedback and previews) Check.

Superb soundtrack? Check!

Gonna be one hell of a ride, come Februrary 27th... :)

Sarcasm3558d ago

Not on Xbox360, so the game "must" suck