EA: Red Alert PS3 "Announced Too Soon"

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 developer EA Los Angeles has explained why PS3 owners have had to wait so long for the RTS title's release.

"I think we just announced it too soon to be perfectly frank," EALA senior producer Amer Ajami told CVG adding that the dev's single core engine meant "it just took us longer" to get the game finished for PS3.

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BGDad3583d ago

Not to mention RTS? Ummmm yea no thanks.

Powertesties3582d ago

I rather play a RTS on the pc. It will be interesting to see Halo wars though.

I will be playing Killzone 2 with you fine people, not worrying about Red Alert 27!

Fox013582d ago

...all this because Sony decided to make development a chore on their console.

jadenkorri3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

played for about an hr, added to top of pile , back to playing red alert 2

Powertesties3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

You guys really think Sony made the PS3 a chore to develop for...on purpose?



At least it is a funny joke!

Fox013582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

I don't know, I'm just relaying what I read; Kaz basically said that the Playstation 3 programming difficulty level was made on purpose so the company could meet its promised ten year life cycle. It's all over the internet, look it up.

Gantrfaxx3582d ago

Well actually i want to buy this game. Unless they screw up the Ps3 version.

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Pistachio3582d ago

If it doesn't have it, I'm not interested. My PC can barely run Solitaire so it would be nice to play RA3 on a platform that won't look like a photo gallery in motion.

Seriously, a stupid excuse such as 'K&M implementation was the reason for the delay' wouldn't have bothered me any. Playing RTS on a console with a pad is like eating yogurt with your hands; it works but it's a damn mess.

dragonyght3582d ago

im wodering why dev refuse to implement this feature if im not mistaken UT3 support m/k and its a fps

Anon19743582d ago

Pass. Don't like RTS's on consoles. Tried em, don't like em. More power to ya, though.

DA_SHREDDER3582d ago

Im assuming you guys have never heard of a RTS coming to consoles that is called Stormrise. The game is created by the same dudes who made Total War on the pc. Its going to be epic, and kick the sh*t out of half assed games such as red alert and Gaylo wars. You guys should check it out. there are some vids of it on gamespot. It comes out in march.

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