Resident Evil 3 to be remade in Left 4 Dead

"Andrew "Outatime" Wells has been in the mapping scene for some time now. He's has been working on a single map based off the Recoon City Police Department from Resident Evil 3 (Since back in 2006). When news of Left 4 Dead reached his ears, he scratched the single map idea and came up with a plan on creating a full campaign inspired by Resident Evil 3. Now, the campaign is in full swing and it looks amazing."

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I_LOVE_MYSELF5059d ago (Edited 5059d ago )


I would love a game on PS3 with this type of support

I would love this sort of thing on consoles period!

User Generated >>> DLC

zaz125059d ago

UT3 has a mod support in consoles (i have the ps3 copy).But it was not supported that much by fans and modders.

I_LOVE_MYSELF5059d ago

I was hyping that game so much but in the ned got DMC4 and decided to stick with Warhawk for online... Warhawk is the bomb!

Lon3wolf5059d ago

Yes Jill Valentine or have I confused your statement/question?

Also agree with op on that they should open the consoles up to mods more. Although I can only assume being the companies they are, they would put a fee in there somewhere.

Helghast Slayer5059d ago

Man that would rock if Capcom remade all the resident evil games using the RE5 engine. *head explodes from too much awesomeness*

zaz125059d ago

RE4 is a great game,but 1,2 and 3 are the best.

LONEWOLF2315059d ago (Edited 5059d ago )

Yeah i agree RE4 was good BUT it failed to give you an adrenaline rush.
Only Re 1(Gamecube Remake), 2 and 3 were able to give you that rush, especially 3 cause once you hear the words STARS you better haul @$$ if you are ill equipped!

Marquis_de_Sade5059d ago

Haha, Resident Evil 3 was awesome, you also forgot Code Veronica from your list. Running in terror from the Nemisis was great.

zaz125059d ago

you are right code veronica was great and better than RE4 too.

iNcRiMiNaTi5059d ago (Edited 5059d ago )

RE2 is still the best one in the series to me. it was my first ever resident evil and it had 2 discs that changed the scenarios for whoever you chose after beating the 1st disc of your choice. it was also the first time we saw the lickers, those things scared the crap out of me when i was little because they would pop out of windows and ceilings

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micro_invader5059d ago

Awesome, L4dis one of my most played games right now. I can't wait for this.

btw, the links broken for me. hmm... could be because I'm using chrome?

zaz125059d ago

I well buy this game soon for my PC

Marquis_de_Sade5059d ago

I'm using Chrome, works okay for me :S

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