Fight Night Round 4 details from Game Informer

As ever with video game magazines, someone reads them and puts it all on the internet, and all the Fight Night Round 4 details from this month's Game Informer are no exception.

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BGDad3555d ago

Funny how the stupid retarded articles like Ps3 is doomed, Microsoft rules articles currently have 400 comments yet actual game previews have none... Hrmmmm.... Paid for by Microsoft? I think so.....

Looking forward to both this game and UFC... Not sure which one will be funner but will play both on my Ps3 being as my LIVE subscription has eneded and NO WAY IN GODS GREEEN EARTH would I give microsoft another $1 for that sorry service...

morriss3555d ago

I played FNR3 to death. Can't wait for this.

Jamegohanssj53555d ago

I don't know whether to get this or the UFC game. I will wait probably a few months after both release anyhow.


Powertesties3555d ago

What are you rambling on about? Haha This is about Fight Night, not the 360 wins or the PS3 wins. Stop acting like a child because analyst are concerned about Sony. Time to Grow up.

MS gets as much bad press as Sony, there is no favoritism here. One console isn't liked more than the other. Come on!
Now back to Fight Night, I can't freaking wait for this game. The new control system and physics sound awesome. I loved Round 3 (only one I actually played) and it is still a party hit when the guys come over.

The only suggestion I have is to make all control styles equal. If you like throwing punches by using buttons instead of using a stick, you should be able to do the haymarker.

motogamer3555d ago

Your comment is right on the money! I am a SONY ONLY guys but I have read the articles, seen the reports.

Sony is in 3rd right now, get over it people. Will they always stay in 3rd, heck who knows. All I know is that I am proud to have my PS3. The game quality is catching up, features are almost as good and we got Bluray.

Funk Yeah!

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Antan3555d ago

I really enjoyed FNR3, so my hope for this are quite high.

Mr PS33555d ago

The low Blows
Looking forward to this game
Ali vs Tyson

Mr4023555d ago

Just wish they would make Total punch control so superior to using the face buttons for throwing punchs that it would force users of that control scheme to switch. It really frustrates you when you play someone who strictly uses the buttons to throw punchs while you have taken the time to learn to play the game the way it's meant to be played. I usually still win but when I do lose to one and we all have it sucks. Also we need the Hitman Tommy Hearns.

rst3555d ago

lol i love using the buttons for FN, whats wrong with the buttons? I feel like i could put in faster combos when using the buttons. But that just me, im pretty sure some people are faster with the stick though.

rst3555d ago

saw the trailer and WOW. love the realism. its nothing like the previous FN's. Kinda wierd how they took out the parrying system, but at the same time, i think its a good move since the previous games used it so unrealistically. And besides, theres barely any parrying in boxing anyway, more dodging and blocking. AAHH i cant wait. Also i wonder who the announcers are gonna be

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