Edge: Ghostbusters: The Video Game Preview

Edge writes: "As a nerd dressed up as a nuclear-powered, pest-controlling saviour of humanity, Harold Ramis played a good impostor in Ghostbusters. He plays a bad one in Ghostbusters: The Video Game – the actor cast in a role that no longer suits him.

If dusting off the proton pack gives him any joy at all, it doesn't show. So it went for Robert Duvall in The Godfather: The Game and Sean Connery in EA's From Russia With Love. But not for David Esch, a Harrison Ford impersonator who shone in Indiana Jones And The Emperor's Tomb. It makes you wonder whether the best you're going to get is a bad impression, isn't it better to get a good impressionist?"

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BGDad3652d ago

Another display of the patheticness of this horrible pretend gaming websites... Hardly gaming... Should have a paid for by Microsoft sticker at the bottom of each article.

Glad a dev picked this game up so far it looks good, probably would play it even if it sucked cause of seeing all the movies as a kid.