Hype begins for new Grand Theft Auto game

Guardian writes:

It allegedly cost Microsoft around 50million USD for Xbox 360 exclusivity rights but the upcoming downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV sounds promising. Yes the hype has started for the Lost and the Damned.

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TrevorPhillips3916d ago

im looking forward to this downloadable content :)

Saint Sony3916d ago

A must have. I did like GTA 4 so I'm going to get this.
Those of you who did not like GTA4 (most PS3 users) stop whining about this how lame and bad this will be. It's for 360 so let it be. Just stick with Killzone2 while the hype lasts.

xwabbit3916d ago

Yeah looking forward to all those motorcycle missions! LOL right... vehicle i most hate and ill have to be using it in most if not all those missions ? HELL NAH

Bubble Buddy3916d ago

"Those of you who did not like GTA4 (most PS3 users)"

I did not like it. Why do you attack PS3 users suddenly. NEARLY ALL of my friends who played it from XBOX AND PS3 did not like it. The game was just not that fun.

3916d ago
Graphics Whore3916d ago

This isn't a 'game'.

A game insists that it is packaged as such, a disc or a free lance version like HALO:ODST. HALO:ODST is STILL DLC/XP.

This is no exception. GTA4 Lost and Damned is not a game, as you require the original GTA4 disc to play it.

Simply DLC.

GrieverSoul3916d ago

How can someone disagree with this comment!?

Its true! If u need a GAME disc to play the DLC then its an expansion DLC and not a game! Will it not require the disc to play? o.O

Danja3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

exactly my point I brought in the other post..

since you need to GTA4 game disc for this to be's nothing more than a Expansion Pack...coming in the form of DLC...

BTW what Hype....haven't heard ne thing about this game other than it suppose to be 20hrs long , which in reality the actual game is about 7-8 HRS long with the other hrs being spent trying to find easter eggs.........

Ldubbz3916d ago

Not a 'game'? Thats one of the dumbest things I have heard on here. And this is N4G for chrissakes...

jib3916d ago

its not a game?

its a freakin video "game" expansion

sonarus3916d ago

GTA4 came out last yr. What you have here is Downloadable content. Its just being called a game to up the value in the eyes of the consumer. If you can play it without GTA4 in your console then you can call it a sort of spin off title. But as long as GTA4 needs to be in your console its DLC

GrieverSoul3916d ago

If all of the above agree, where the disagrees coming from?!

Im just curious! If i Disagree i usually bring my argument to the table! The Ddisagreeers (lol) couldnt prove me wrong? I dont own the truth, ya know!

anh_duong3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

it's not a game because you need to own the original to play it i.e. it's an expansion pack. for me a game is an item that works standalone without the need for the atcual full game. just like the recent mgs lbp expansion is an expansion pack and not a game.

semantics really. before everyone rush in to disagree, i am not saying anything about whether the dlc is good or bad.

Perjoss3916d ago

"Simply DLC"

I agree, but can I just add that this is probably the 'biggest' DLC game add-on to ever be released.

Xbots play games3916d ago

Is this all PS3 owners have to keep telling themselves to sleep at night? LMAO..

Here let me join in...

It's Not a Game...
It's Not a Game..

Umm..Because you need the original disc to play...

No duh..Why let potential consumers bypass the ORIGINAL game..and only pay $ play the exclusive content only...

If this SAME exact content was debut release was on the Wii and the PSP..Rockstar could have sold it at full price with a couple of tack-on multi-player the normal non-fanboy goggle wearing human can see..these guys are CHANGING what DLC is all about..not some extra Street Fighter level on LBP..a whole new plot and game with the same engine..oh my bad..and we get another one after this too...I'm in

anh_duong3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

i own GTA 4 for the xbox 360.

RIGHT NOW, don't think many ps3/xbox owners will care about dlc. many players haven't even completed the original game so i doubt they would stump up for the dlc. hence it isn't an insecurity issue.

HOWEVER, by offering exclusively dlc for the xbox GTA 4, MS made sure that people who couldn't decide which version of the original to get were more likely to be tempted by the xbox version.

this was the main reason why ms went dlc exclusive. GTA4 was recognised as a big franchise with a strong ps3 affinity. MS wanted to prise this ps3 affinity by giving a carrot for people to buy the xbox version.

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xhi43916d ago

NEWS FLASH - the way to make hype, is to post news articles stating that there is hype.

oooo i feel the hype now!


But yeah, i was probably the most addicted gamer before GTA IV came out, i had cleared a few days out of work just so i could play it. Every SCRAP of information i could get on it was like heaven, refreshing a million times lol Then i get this piece of crap, it was NOTHING like what they promised, i thought euphoria was going to change the way i thought about games you know.

MASSIVE dissapointment.

Now a biker expansion pack? 8 hours long? geez give me a break.

Helghast Slayer3916d ago

Tell me about it. The game was mediocre at best with a very undeserving hype. Still didn't stop me from trading it in the first couple of days lol. The media hypes up horse sh!t and the 360 loyalists (stock brokers) gobble it up.

Perjoss3916d ago

"Now a biker expansion pack? 8 hours long? geez give me a break."

pardon me, but isn't 8 hours considered normal length for a FULL single player game? I completed cod4, heavenly sword, uncharted, gears of war and many other titles in under 8 hours, all fantastic games and none of them felt short at all. 8 hours for an expansion is perfectly acceptable.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3916d ago


The xbot lemmings eat this sh!t up with a spoon.

Looks like Halo Wars will be the only real game for the 360 this Spring

BLUR1113916d ago

how's 3rd place treating you?

it's amusing keep it up :)

dukadork23915d ago

you don't like spoons?
ok, try this instead:

cool thing is it also works with tears

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