PSX Extreme: Magic Ball Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Creat Studio and TikGames continue to pump out the downloadable titles, and Magic Ball is one of several that have dropped this month. The recently reviewed Cuboid was one of the better puzzle games we've played to date, and although Magic Ball isn't a brain-buster – it's a good old-fashioned finger and reflex-buster – it's still entertaining. This is what you get when you combine the concepts of Pong and Pinball, and although that may not sound very intriguing, it's pretty darn addictive. Most of these little games have proven fun for more than a few hours, and for only ten bucks apiece, that's typically a pretty good deal. If you don't feel like driving to the store and you're saving your cash for the upcoming blockbusters, you should definitely log on to the PSN and see what you can find. You can really stock up on a bunch of great little games for far less than the cost of a new $60 title, and as far as we're concerned, the developers can keep bangin' 'em out."

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4wire3555d ago

I played through the game but I still do not have all the trophies. A good game overall. 7.5/10

1. A bit too short, but it seems like they already have some DLC in preparation as the scenario selector already as space for future additions. Hopefully these will be free or inexpensive.

2. The online interface sucks. Every time you finish a game you have to go trough invite/accept using the XMB. It could be much simpler if they had some sort of lobby.

3. The physics of the outer "ring" is a bit unpredicatble. I'm used to playing arkanoid or brick breaker and I find I usually can predict a bit more where my ball will be.

4. Some trophies are not well adjusted, or maybe I haven't found the trick yet. E.g. the chain reaction is very easy and is a silver trophy, while the 1M points is a bronze and is much harder/time consuming.