ModSynergy: Samsung SyncMaster T240 24-inch LCD Review

Samsung has been on a roll lately with their great TOC (Touch of Color) HDTV series. It was only logical that Samsung would transition TOC into their line of computer monitors. Read on to see if that transition makes the perfect 24-inch monitor you can get from Samsung, introducing the Samsung SyncMaster T240.

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C_SoL3556d ago

I just noticed it isn't the T240"HD"

Kain813556d ago

LGs M2394D is better than samsungs T240HD

here are the specs

Why dis3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Whoops. wrong Samsung room. Thought I was in the 3D HDTV.

thereapersson3556d ago

Probably, judging from the low panel quality.

"Excessive amounts of backlight bleeding and clouding" doesn't sound like something I want in a monitor. It is nice it has a built-in HDMI port on it though, even though it doesn't come with an HDMI cable in the box.

I would say it's because of the fact that it's a TN panel. If this were S-IPS, the backlighting issue probably wouldn't exist.

Why dis3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I purchased a new Sammy 6 series(HDTV LCD) and had to send it back because of bad backlight bleeding(in corners evenly). The 2nd time it was because the set would turn off after a short while after a week yet sound still came through.

Got a new touchsmart PC 25" tree days ago and the backlight bleeding is bad.

Works like a charm now and worth the pain IMO.

thereapersson3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

Good to see that it works properly. After all, a TV is quite an investment these days, even with the way that prices are coming down.

I remember reading a while back that Sony had a hard time with that exact issue (uneven backlight clouding) on a lot of their LCD sets. I don't know if it's been fixed on their newest models, but it appears that it's a common problem among LCD panels. I wonder if it's because Samsung manufactures a lot of the panels that Sony uses in their TV's?

Why dis3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I got the clouding on my PC and some on one of my older LCD HDTV's but with the samsung it was uniformed in all corners. They said it was the bazel or something was too tight in the corners. The display panel seemed to be the issue not the bazel because the panel rests in the bazel and backing(case). Got a new one though.

thereapersson3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I like the way they look, with the slim form factor and everything, but I'm kind of glad I still have my old CRT monitor hooked up. I don't have to worry about native resolutions, color / black level problems or any other issues.

The only problem is that my monitor is heavy and bulky, making it a pain to move around. I'm thinking once I get enough money saved up, I'm going to invest in a higher-quality S-IPS display. They can tend to be expensive, but the color and viewing angles that they provide, not to mention the panel tech, is worth the extra cash (in my opinion, anyway).


I've had my eye on this panel for a while now. It's really pricey though, so for now it's only up for consideration:

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YeOldeGamer3556d ago

...I'll stick with my 52" LG Plasma, with 50k/1 contrast ratio.

Why dis3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

I thought this was an HDTV room as well.

Perhaps you got your tower(PC) hooked up to your display?

kanedaakira3556d ago

I've already got one of these bad boys in my basement - haven't used it much yet though