Video Games Linked to Poor Relationships with Friends, Family

A new study connects young adults' use of video games to poorer relationships with friends and family – and the student co-author expresses disappointment at his own findings. Brigham Young University undergrad Alex Jensen and his faculty mentor, Laura Walker, publish their results Jan. 23 in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

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-GametimeUK-3556d ago

Any Hobby can affect your relationship with others if you take things to TEH EXTREME!... So why single out gaming?

UnasFortuna3556d ago

I know a large amount of persons who have hobbies that they endulge that takes large amounts of time from their family/friends/relationships. I find it humorous that researchers frequently try to link video games to bad/poor relationships. Any hobby, when taken to the extreme, can be detrimental to any social situation. You notice at the end of the article that she states that the connection was "modest." Another researcher trying to make a name by creating buzz and misconceptions.

c-redz3556d ago

just make sure your woman and friends like video games.... then you will all bond, playing video games... che-yeah thats how i roll

edhe3556d ago

I think hitting them's worse for your relationship.

Anyway - people need to let go of the idea that the games consoles are there to 'replace them' and just get into it too.