Where are the Microsoft cuts falling?

According to sources speaking with ZDNet's resident Microsoft blogger, Mary-Jo Foley, "the bulk of [Microsoft's] immediate 1,400-person cuts" are going to fall on the Entertainment & Devices Group. Which includes the Xbox team.

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Algullaf3652d ago

Lets cry :'( :'( :'( :'(

LightningPS3PS33652d ago

The XBOX 360 is kicking ass. So, it's obviously for other business reasons.

drpepper61213652d ago

The 360 is not kicking ass. The wii is killing it. The ps3 while being $100-$200 more than the 360 is right with the 360. That 8 million unit lead the 360 has over the ps3 is not really that much of a lead, considering the price difference between the two, and also the 360 had a year headstart.

pippoppow3652d ago

Would like to see another player enter the console arena. Hopefully they bring with them better hardware build, free online and innovative high quality games. Maybe Apple, EA/Sega teamup, Maybe some unknown who may knock our socks off and change the game.

LightningPS3PS33652d ago

I sort of agree. But PS3 needs a price cut, because that 8 million will very soon turn to 10 million.

Until PS3 gets a Price cut, I'm gonna bash it.

And enjoy all the other people bashing it.

Aaron Greenterd3652d ago

We are cutting people from the Quality control team....actually the whole Xbox QC team will be let go (like we ever had a QC team lol).

And as far as Mr. LightningPS3, thank you for being such a loyal customer. If a company doesn't do specifically what you want them to, you bash them free of charge. Thank heavens we have legions of brainwashed 360 owners like you who think we are doing well.

You get a free demo this month on Live.

The Lazy One3652d ago

someone on neogaf close tot he situation said that microsoft was cutting most from the zune and windows live games parts of the entertainment and devices division.

JD_Shadow3652d ago

So you're just doing this trolling in the hopes that Sony gets your message and does that price cut of 100 bucks that some people have been saying that it would get (and that I think will happen, as I find it pretty peculiar that David Reeves mentioned the Spring in his denial of the possible cut)?

In that case, I hope it works in Sony delivering its price cut, and in turn makes you stop trolling like you are.

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Mr_Zkaar3652d ago

Oh dear... Lets hope Halo wars saves a few jobs....

rhood0223652d ago

I'm sure Ensemble was thinking the same thing.

Mr_Zkaar3652d ago

Need i say more about Microsoft and his loyal Xbots.

GiantEnemyLobster3651d ago

Now only the BEST game producers will be at microsoft, so the untalented ones who got laid off won't be holding them back.

And besides, its no where near as bad as the 30,000 Sony laid off!

McLuvn3652d ago

to all those laid off.

TheColbertinator3652d ago

I did not expect the gaming division to be affected

PotNoodle3652d ago

I guess xbox isn't as seperate as playstation is to sony.

Sony have lots of other divisions in their business, microsoft don't so it really isn't surprising.

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