TeamXbox: F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Demo Impressions

TeamXbox writes: "A recent mix-up in the world of video-game licensing has caused some confusion for the fans of F.E.A.R., the 2005 release from Day 1 Studios. To put the situation in its simplest terms, the sequel to the aforementioned F.E.A.R. title is known as F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin and it will be hitting store shelves sooner than later.

Don't let the apparent development/publishing changes fool you. The fan-derived Project Origin-the name was chosen in a contest-is a follow-up to the '05 original, and the reason why WB Games snagged the F.E.A.R. brand name from one of its competitors. F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin does make more sense as a moniker, really, not to mention giving followers of the original some needed piece of mind that their baby is safe and coming to market."

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HDgamer3557d ago

The demo wasn't scary but then again no horror movie or horror genre has scared me after 93.

Szarky3557d ago

Killzone is right around the corner. I'll wait.

lamigol3557d ago

I really liked the first game. Must say, my first impressions were, graphically, not that strong but gameplay is solid and WHAT ? not scary, it is. Try playing with lights off at night. I thought the bit where the ghostly apparition was done really well. Monolith are superb at creating that kind of spooky supernatural atmosphere. Might get this to put me on till KZ2.

HDgamer3557d ago

It's night time, my room is covered so that no sunlight comes through which is perfect for my insomniac ways of sleeping. I played dead space on hard then impossible mode around 12am-9am, no lights on. Even that game wasn't scary a little predictable but not scary. Fear 2 well it's just not scary even if you turn out the lights, play it on an SDTV then switch to HDTV with the HDMI cables in. This is nowhere near scary, I didn't even get excited like I did with dead space, resident evil series, Siren or the suffering which had that scary feeling but still this isn't the one. Maybe it's just me, I am a 22 year old college student with a case of sleeping problems but that doesn't explain why this game couldn't scare me. I honestly know I'm not the only one who will actually get scared of this game when it's basically a dark environment with eerie music and some cliche events that is old.

lamigol3556d ago

Well, all I can say is, you cant have much of an imagination. You need to put yourself into that zone where its believable. I am over 30 years old, have watched the goriest most shocking films out there and seen in person some horrible things ( its my job, im not a serial killer ) and I can tell you that if you can put yourself in that frame of mind then you will appreciate what the devs are trying to achieve, which they do with this game. Dont try and say this game is a poor example, there arent many games that achieve feelings of nervousness, this game does, and thats just in a demo. Ive played the first game, excellent and underrated imo. Solid shooter, scares galore, nuff said.

HDgamer3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

This game doesn't achieve nervousness, It is predictable like everything out there even dead space which is still a good game. The only thing in this demo I liked were the graphics which look really good in HD, the fact that you're in a messed up school that teaches kids that a teacher is a vacuum would be remotely scary. Also by saying I don't have much of an imagination is basically your biased perception, many of us have watched thousands of horror movies and not got scared. Excited, but never the less not scared because it's either predictable or they try a little too much. Now I'm not saying this won't be a good game, I'm just saying for people like me they won't find this game one bit scary than the next one. Do you even believe that anyone besides yourself have never seen a dead body let alone maybe a decapitated corpse with blood on their walls, this isn't fiction it's reality people have seen this. Most people who grow older don't get scared of the horror genre as when they were kids. Which is why most men go to see horror movies and never get scared. Although taking their female friend/lover they are guaranteed to get some action because some if not most females are afraid of things like this.(they don't call it a date movie for nothing) But none the less the point I'm trying to make it just wasn't scary to me, even in a dark environment. Solid Shooter, mediocre horror for my 14 year old cousin. That's my opinion, and your's is not a fact.