GamesRadar: SimAnimals Review

GamesRadar writes: "You know when you're watching a wildlife documentary and they're showing some cute baby wildebeest or something, then five minutes later scraps of that same baby wildebeest are stuck between the teeth of some nasty hyena? That's nature for you. And that's SimAnimals, too. Don't worry – the animals reproduce to replace the ones that got torn in half by predators during the night, and it's your job to promote the overall wellbeing of each small section of a larger forest by making sure every living thing is finely balanced and in harmony with its environment."

You'll love

* Packed with great ideas
* Nice music themes
* More long-term appeal than expected

You'll hate

* Herky-jerky animation
* Low-res textures
* Suspiciously similar to Viva Pinata

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