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PS3 And 360 Success Isn't Mutually Exclusive

PSX Extreme writes: "Look, all of you can scream at each other through a video screen until your fingers fuse into claws. You can call each other names and smash and bash and act like typical idiots, 'cuz that's what the fanboy does. But the rest of us - the real gamers - who have always indulged in this hobby for the sake of entertainment, know the truth of the matter. In some ways, Sony and Microsoft can attribute some of their success to the opposition, as is almost always the case in business."

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Graphics Whore3583d ago

The fanboys are gonna stomp their feet and bring up Sony video game sales again.

ultimolu3583d ago

The article has a point.

Nineball21123583d ago

I agree. This article should be a must read for fanboys.

thebudgetgamer3583d ago

without playsation doing well there would be no 200$ 360, without xbl not being so good where would the psn be, and no 400 dollar ps3 that i could afford.


NaiNaiNai3583d ago

and without the wii, we would all have better 3rd party games. XD. you know you can't deny it. be alot less money wasted on crap java games.

Zeevious3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

...not only are all consoles doing relatively well (The Wii, VERY well) but just as TheBudgetGamer says it is this very competition that's good for gamers everywhere.

Live gave us a better PSN

$199 360's give us a cheaper PS3

MGS4/Killzone2 gives everyone better games

This competition is giving us all cheaper game systems and better games to play on them.

Why complain about that?