X-Play: Skate 2 Review

Sequels are a funny thing. Either people are so uproariously happy to have another chance to explore a particular game world in an all-new adventure that they are willing to overlook the lack of any significant changes from the previous title. Or they feel cheated if the newest iteration doesn't offer enough measurable advances to the series to warrant another $60 purchase. So does Skate 2 do enough to keep the series' momentum going forward, or will the weight of its revolutionary predecessor keep it from reaching new heights in the genre?

* Still the best skateboarding game on the market
* Tons of events, challenges and places to discover
* Great community features

* Essentially a prettier, slightly updated version of the original
* New off-board controls are stiff and frustrating

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thebudgetgamer3555d ago

Game Informer gave it a 9.
i had fun with the demo,and like that the camera is better.
thats a buy for me


NaiNaiNai3555d ago

i played the demo also. i haven't had the much in a long time on a skating game. reminded me of what it was like skating, so i went out the day after i played the demo. god let me tell you, XD its been to long. XD