Anime MMOs, Dragon Ball Online.

Gamer Limit writes "So it's finally happened. The MMO genre has gotten so godforsakenly large that every game developer/publisher and their mothers think they can produce a smash hit and rake the mounds of cash in. And its hard to argue with them. With World of Warcraft breaching the 11 million players mark just a couple weeks back and competitors such as Warhammer Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic on the horizon, its no surprise a lot of companies are trying their hand at competing with the best.

However, as time has shown, the beast that is WoW will not go down easily, if it ever does. Yet, Namco Bandai (huh?) is taking their turn with hopes that a predominant anime series cultivates enough of a following to give them an edge over Blizzard. The series? Dragonball.

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panasonic233560d ago

i can't wait for this dbz online i hope they hurry up with the 360 version

Danja3560d ago

I would love if they could actually make a DBZ MMO without making it suck...huge DBZ fan....

CrippleH3560d ago

Thumbs down to this article.
It's like they posted it to bash DBZ.

Very not cool.

Vegeta go stick you over 9000 boot up in their ***

Fullish3560d ago

haha no way, I love Dragonball Z.
It's old school but very loveable.

CrippleH3560d ago

An anime, mind you, that had poor animation and ridiculous, asinine, repeating storylines that only a ten year old could find entertaining.

That's what they said.

Fullish3560d ago

In honesty though, the animation wasn't great and the storylines did repeat.

Powerful new enemy
Defeat Enemy.
Rinse and repeat.

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narked3560d ago

i don't know about this hmm... its a good idea, but it looks cheesy :/

Ziriux3560d ago

It would be highly successful with such a huge fan base.

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