Gamespot: Elebits: The Adventures of Kai & Zero Review

The original Elebits was released shortly after the Wii hit retail shelves and was a showcase for the new functionality offered by the Wii Remote. Playing from a first-person perspective, you scoured the environment in search of elusive electrically charged creatures, using the controller as a virtual wand to overturn kitchen appliances and shake down trees in an elaborate game of hide and seek. The sequel makes the leap to the Nintendo DS with the same basic capturing mechanics but shifts the vantage to a top-down viewpoint. The emphasis is now placed on clever puzzle design rather than over-the-top physics, which makes for a satisfying experience. The pointless evolutionary system and unimaginative visual design put a slight damper on the fun, but interesting levels and varied puzzles make this an engrossing, and surprisingly challenging, adventure.

The Good:
* Interesting puzzle design
* A multitude of different abilities to take advantage of
* Fun boss battles.

The Bad:
* Weak evolution system
* Uninspired visual design.

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