Media Create Sales: 01/12 - 01/18 (Hardware)

DS sells another 80 thousand and the PSP sold 43 thousand! The PS3 is only selling 30% of what it was 2 weeks ago (but the Wii is only selling 26%).

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PantherLotus3554d ago

wait 'till those b**ches in Jersey (America's armpit) start calling you for collections.

And you're right--the PS2 won't go away. Could that be hurting the PS3?

Sarcasm3554d ago

And that's at $129...

I'd imagine a price cut to $99 will give it one last blast of glory before ending in 2010.

thebudgetgamer3554d ago

did you learn that kind of questions at journalism school


xup19x3554d ago

look at the sale for the PS3 compare to the xbox360 at 199..just wow
IS IT because MAYBE JUST MAYBE since the ps3 is going down, they want to get the GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE...LOLOLZZZ

NaiNaiNai3554d ago

this site is idiot. there is no list of where its sold. might as well be fake. and when the ps3 is out selling the 360, at 20k sells anyways, nothing special. LMFAO thats like 1/8 the size of my city. and thats 118th largest in the US. thats why any sells in out side the US are just stupid. like those people who say the ps3 is selling well in japan. yea for its 250,000 sells in a year. LMFAO

PantherLotus3554d ago


Maybe it's because I'm LTTP on GT4 (got it for Christmas), but I swear I'm reading your post in Roman Bellic's voice and it's hilarious.

"thees site iz eedioT!

Aclay3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Since the PS3 first came out in Japan, it's sold 2,711,226 units over there. If the PS3 sold that much in a little over 2 years and 1 month, obviously the PS3 sells more than 250,000 units YEARLY.... it's more like about 1+ million consoles yearly.

The Xbox 360 has yet to hit 900K in 3+ years even with all of those JRPG's, the last thing you should be talking about is PS3 sales.

It's pretty normal for console sales to cool off after the Holiday season, and it looks like this is just the case, but don't fret, FFXIII and Versus XIII will heat things up again like never before in Japan for the PS3.

Danja3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

What the Nai fails to mention that the PS3 is outselling the 360 by 2:1 margin

but the Wii is only outselling the PS3 by 11k which isnt' that high considering that the Wii is so cheap and normally run circles around both the PS3/360..

and forget about FF13 AND Versus

FFV11 :Advent Children..comes with FF13 thats where it begins...

plus SF4 , RE:5 ..will do there Yakuza 3....then comes FF13 ...then probably GT5...

@Nai...The PS3 sold 990k last year...thats more than the 360 has 3 years combined...even with the almighty SE backing it

NaiNaiNai3554d ago

yea in japan. tell me, go add your numbers for the ps3 from jpn, and europ and tell me if they even = half what 360 sells in US alone.

Danja3554d ago

The 360 outsold the PS3 by 1 million consoles last year in North America..

the PS3 outsold the 360 in Europe and Japan ...last try..

BobDog3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

nainai said

"go add your numbers for the ps3 from jpn, and europ and tell me if they even = half what 360 sells in US alone."

actually i beleive it is more then the total 360 sales in america

DaTruth3554d ago

"go add your numbers for the ps3 from jpn, and europ and tell me if they even = half what 360 sells in US alone."

"actually i believe it is more then the total 360 sales in america"

Not only that but PS3 also has American sales

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Blasphemy3554d ago

GT 5: Prologue just won't die. I can only imagine how the full game will sale. It is sure to push tons of systems.

Sarcasm3554d ago

Gran Turismo 5 will move the most consoles and be the best selling PS3 game ever.

GT5P is heading towards 3 million worldwide. Which is not bad for a "demo"

cayal3554d ago

I was actually thinking about getting GT5P.

brycespitler3554d ago

the ps3 cant outsell the 360

all of these articles tell me the ps3's being discontinued and that sony's only option is to make games for other consoles

my mind is going to EXPLODE!

Kill Crow3554d ago

and it's only by 10,000 units ... over christmas xbox was outselling ps3 by 500,000 units ....

Ldubbz3554d ago

360 is doing better there than I thought. They will easily end up with 2 Million sales lifetime sales in Japan, possibly with 3 Million or more (who knows for sure).

But even 2 million will be a big number for MS; no American electronics or anything really do squat for sales in Japan (they do love Apple however), so thats good news for the Xbox brand.

And since the PS3 is going to obviously sell less units there than the PS2 did over its lifetime, and the 360 will at the very least double its sales there this gen...that means MS gained market share against Sony in Japan this gen.

cayal3554d ago

No it doesn't. Microsoft hasn't gained ground on any Sony gaming product.

The Xbox was massively outsold by the PS2, as the PS3 massively outsells the 360. Sony is distancing themselves from Microsoft if anything.

Danja3554d ago

at the rate the 360 is selling...I say it will top out at around..lil less than 2 million if they are lucky...

cuz once FF13 + Yakuza 3 + GT5 comes out in Japan...PS3 sales will take off...

the PS3 will end up with around 8-10 million im guessing...

Blasphemy3554d ago

I have to agree with Danja. If Xbox 360 can't make it to 1 million after being on the market for 3 years there is no way it will reach 2 million by the end of this generation.

Ldubbz3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Did I say something untrue? If the 360 carves out a bigger install base in Japan, and the PS3 sells less PS3's there than it did PS2's, then that means MS cut into their market share.

If thats somehow wrong please tell me how, rather than just clicking 'disagree' because you dont like the truth.

Also keep in mind that the 360 was selling around 2K a week there for a long they are at around 8-10K a week. If they sell the 360 there for at least 2-3 more years, which they will, then they will easily reach 2 million.

cayal3553d ago

It depends on if the 360 sells better than the XBOX, if not, it doesn't (or if the PS3 manages to sell better than the PS2)

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