SEGA Games At About 60 Cents a Pop In Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

SEGA revealed 9 more unlockable games in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. At the $29.99 MSRP for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360, it's just about 60 cents a game!

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brycespitler3585d ago

definitely buying that. i can finally let go of my sega genesis...
all i want to see next is a psn version of sunset riders and mortal kombat 2 where i get more than 2 seconds to do a finishing move

thebudgetgamer3585d ago

i would pay 30$ for only Phantasy Star alone. my personal favorite jrpg of all time.


takedown3585d ago

that's a lot of games...

I'm probably going to get it eventually

thebudgetgamer3585d ago

and at 30 bucks, thats my sweet price point for games. i will definitely be getting this


Sexius Maximus3585d ago

won't be able to appreciate this compilation, because most people on this site act like 5 year olds, and they probably are. THIS IS AN AWESOME COMPILATION!!! I grew up playing these games, and although I already own them in one form or another, I must have this disc.

Venomish3585d ago

if they release it on PSN i might get it. there is just no way i'm buying a blu-ray disc filled with old games. i want to play sonic 1.2.3 anytime without having to remove call of duty from the ps3

thebudgetgamer3585d ago

the master system was the second console i ever owned (2600) those were good time when you turned it on with no game in it they installed a maze game that i would spend hours playing. the games that came bundled hang on and safari hunt. anyways i would pay 30$ for phantasy star alone


Jamegohanssj53585d ago

I really like the cover to this game. I think this is the best thing Sega has done this generation besides Valkyrie Chronicles and Yakazu. I may get this when I get a job.


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DrWan3585d ago

They upgraded the graphics to HD? I am buying this!!!!

macalatus3585d ago

Brings me back the days when I used to be a teenage Sega fanboy during the 16-bit era!

How I miss thee, Sega.

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The story is too old to be commented.