Weekly Japanese Hardware Sales Still Takin' It Easy

The hardware race for the week of January 12th to the 18th ended with the following winners and losers.

* Nintendo DSi - 62,525
* PSP - 42,559
* Wii - 32,333
* PlayStation 3 - 20,690
* Nintendo DS Lite - 18,809
* Xbox 360 - 9,576
* PlayStation 2 - 5,760

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thereapersson3555d ago

What's even crazier is the 1.5:1 ratio that the Wii and the PS3 are at!

Who would have thought?

xg-ei8ht3555d ago

WOW the PS3 TO WII is less then 2:1

Droid Control3555d ago

I keep thinking they should just give up over there, but then, look how much money they've spent trying to build it up...

Next gen, commit to Japan:

* but make then wait a year for the Xbox 720 - satisfy the US and UK first.

* Refuse to cut cost

And that way, if they want it, fine, it not, screw them. Stop begging like a DOG M$, grow some balls, and stand up straight and proud.

thereapersson3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Yeah, I think MS has given it numerous valiant attempts to penetrate the market, but like the PS3 in the US, can only seems to have a sales spike during the first month a highly-anticipated game is released.

I don't think they should give up, however, because Japan still must generate *some* revenue...

Johnny Rotten3555d ago

"The hardware platform to take the smallest hit, week-to-week is the Xbox 360, even with just one title, GRID, making an appearance in the Media Create top 50 software sales chart".

I don't know how they do it, but they they do it.