New Playstation Home Space: Cafe

The New Home Cafe has been Anounced! There is also a contest to see who can think of the best name for it.

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Yi-Long3653d ago

... I havent been in Home for over a month orso now. It was just too boring. I'll check it out when I have some time over the weekend, to check the newer spaces.

1 thing I'd like to see though, is the ability to not just see trailers of games/movies in HD in the 'theatre' in Home, but also the option to just save them (in FullHD and without the Home-surroundings obviously), to your HDD. Basically, just give us the ability to save the HD trailers from within Home to our HDD.

ThanatosDMC3652d ago

They should use "Starbucks" but actually use Starbucks for advertising and money making. Just give us boardgames and other things to do.

Wish we can use PSPs instead of that little electronic gizmo so that the possibility of being able to play games on the virtual might come up.

SWORDF1SH3652d ago

you can go to that space now. its in the japanese home

Dir_en_grey3652d ago

Yeah in the Japanese Home it's called Famitsu Cafe, with monthly video updates and quiz events.

Without Famitsu it would just be a boring place of nothing.

I also don't understand when the Japanese Home does the survey they let you do it inside Home, where the US quiz and survey you have to use a PC to goto the forums, it kinda defeats the purpose on the online community feel they are trying to push (plus a pain in the ass).
BTW Japanese Home also have forums for you to goto from your PC, but stuff like the Biohazard quiz even would've been done inside Home.

Killzonegamer833653d ago

I loved Home the first week or so then it got very boring and i havent even been in it since.. Ill be completly honest as much as i hate to say this.. But Killzone 2 is the only thing keeping me interested in the PS3.. I know i might get a lot of disagrees and im sorry but it has to be said. Ive owned my PS3 for nearly 3 years now, 2 1/2 years give or take and ive also own the 360 for the same amount of time and i must say ive gotten A LOT more play time from my 360.

I use to be a very die hard sony supporter and i thought Home was going to be awesome like they promised but as usual with Sony, it under delivered. With that said I think Killzone 2 is the most amazing console game i have ever seen and honestly i kind of wish it was on the 360 due to more xbox live players and the controller is better for FPS, but ill be picking up day 1 regardless

DJ3652d ago

PS3's only been available for 2 years and 2 months. How'd you own one for 3 years? o_o'

js_mac3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I have to agree with you killzonegamer. It's a far better piece of hardware than the Xbox, but the 360 is so much smoother and more streamlined - I find the dashboard incredibly user-friendly... even fun. The words I'd use to describe the Playstation's version are sterile and mechanical. In Home they even went about creating a friendly seaside town, yet it still feels sterile and uninviting. I'm bored of it already.
I have also gotten used to the Xbox controller and find it fantastic - it's a good-size and is intuitive and responsive, unlike Sony's, which is still basically the same controller, with add-ons, as the PS1 controller from 1994! I don't like the new triggers that have replaced the R2/L2 buttons either - they feel too... gooey. All in all, nostalgia aside, my Xbox is probably my favourite ever console - really! I think it's brilliant - MS seems to have such a passion for it to succeed. As for the PS3, if Killzone and God of War don't live up to the hype I'm going to be in utter dismay. Sony really needs to buck themselves up. No wonder they're operating at a loss - they don't seem to be doing anything. Look at MS buying themselves as much exclusive content and games as possible. Controllers aside (which aren't going to change), the potential of the PS3 is huge, yet Sony keeps on sitting on their hands... and it's f*cking annoying.

ThatArtGuy3652d ago

The PS3's GUI is completely customizable. If you don't like it, download a theme or two and replace it. If you want it personalized, you can even make your own.

Nathaniel_Drake3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

I didn't disagree with you about Home, yeah it needs more variety and a gaming structure dealing with the user box which I posted in the home forums about,, but if you have been a Sony fan, since PS1, then you know and even now know there are more games to play on the PS3 than the 360, again being a Sony fan not fanboy

IMO a Sony fan is a one who obviously likes their (Sony's) first party games and knows right now there are plenty of games to play on it plus the multiplats, and in the future this year in fact we are being flooded with games more than 2008, so if you are a Sony fan don't sell your PS3 as you will regret it missing Sony's usual great lineup plus new and interesting IP's

Again being a Sony fan I can only see more games being dumped on us, and as of right now IMO the game lineup either equals or edges off the 360 and Wii, again being a Sony fan and not a fanboy

Note: I know I am going to get disagrees from people thinking this reads as a fanboy statement, but that's not my intention its just that I willfully chose to have 1 system as it fufills my preference and is a great investment, I have no qualms with people loving 360 more again thats their preference not mine and people having multiple systems more power to you and enjoy the gaming heaven, but for me the PS3 is all I need for present and future

thereapersson3652d ago

He said 2 1/2 years (give or take)

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Sevir043653d ago

and Killzonegamer83, teh!!!! thats all i'll say to your comment.

ppisatosspot3652d ago

Even as a PS3 fanboy i think Home is fuken lame.


its only lame if you don't attempt to do anything.good laughs for me but maybe because im high all the time but I can't wait for the EA room ..a killzone 2 room would be nice.

Skyreno3652d ago

Well everyone it is new and is also old because is in hongkong already, ^^ but hey there bringing it to us in America so you guys should give credits to them... also hope they add cool stuff in it and make it diffeent from other cafe

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