The generation gap: Windows on multicore (Windows 7 fails in multicore performance to XP)

Info world writes:

"The once and future kernel
Microsoft has been saying for a while now that the Vista kernel has been optimized for multicore computing. Now, with Windows 7, the company's technical evangelists are proudly pointing to the elimination of certain global SMP-locking mechanisms in the updated kernel. However, as Microsoft insiders such as Mark Russinovich are quick to point out, the benefits of these changes won't be felt until core counts climb well beyond today's dual-core and quad-core implementations.

My own testing would seem to corroborate Microsoft's story. If anything, the company is underselling its multicore advantage. Clearly, the optimizations made to the Vista kernel -- both in its original incarnation and in its updated Windows 7 variant -- are having an impact even at the quad-core level. However, better scalability still isn't enough to offset Windows XP's huge performance edge on today's hardware. In fact, it won't be until after Windows 7 has been replaced by the next Windows that the fruit of Microsoft's multicore optimization labors will be fully realized. Then, as we boot our 32- or 64-core netbooks, we can all smile as Microsoft's foresight and perseverance finally start to pay off"

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Lord Anubis3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

yeah because a multi core kernel can be improved in betas -_-!

read the article, like they stated it will not be better until the next windows system.

DJ3652d ago

Stick with Windows XP until you purchase a system with 8 CPU cores or more.

likeaboss3023652d ago

Have fun using less then 4GB of RAM. I know you could go XP 64bit but support for it is not as good as Vista and Windows 7 64bit.

Windows 7 is nothing but win!

DJ3652d ago

any significant benefits, I may as well just go to XP 64-bit. Then I can add in my 12 GB of RAM (on 3 right now) and increase my software compatibility.

Blackmoon3652d ago

Your going to use XP 64-bit to increase software compatibility?

Yeah I wouldn't recommend XP 64 under any circumstances, its practically a hack job.

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Jrome3652d ago

I'm actually surprised everybody didn't just stick with windows 95 or 98 or something. I'm sure it performs way better than XP. Nahh, screw that... let's go back to DOS :o.

Anyway, they are still going to tweak the performance, and the new features it has balances out the performance, in with the new, out with the old.

No wonder we're taking so long to go 64 bit.

Kakkoii3652d ago

Lol, Windows 7 isn't that much more resource hogging than XP. The optimizations and benefits in brings greatly outweigh the minor amount of extra RAM it uses. If your still using 1GB of Ram or less.. Then it's high time you add another RAM stick or 2 to your computer. Basic ram that most people have is pretty cheap these days.