Quite Tedious Gaming Experiences

Kombo Writes: "A young, muscular gentleman is cautiously walking towards a small building with its door ajar. As he enters the structure, he turns suddenly to find that the door has slammed behind him. There is a growling noise coming from the corner of the dimly lit room. The man cranes his neck forward to peer into the darkness. A loud roar erupts and a snarling zombie panda leaps forth from the shadows and swipes at the man. Press B. The man ducks and avoids injury. The panda recoils, picks up a nearby chainsaw and revs it up before ramming it towards the young male's face. Press X. The man dodges and grabs the handle of the weapon. Tap A rapidly as the man furiously attempts to force the blade into the panda's chest. The chainsaw pierces the poor bear, spilling blood and gore everywhere and thus ends our cut-scene."

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TriforceLightning3558d ago

I dunno who to blame first, the industry that created this asthetic or the mindless gamers who swallow every spoonful of this drivel.