Techworldwide: GTA IV Review

Techworldwide writes:

Stepping off a boat in the shoes of illegal immigrant Niko Bellic as he arrives in Liberty City at the start of Grand Theft Auto IV, you can tell immediately that Rockstar North's latest offering is something quite special.

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Speed-Racer3559d ago

Been there, done that.. :P

decnt review though

jammy_703559d ago

its also very borrrriiinnnggggg!!!!

OGharryjoysticks3559d ago

Let's review the game again/finally/why and try to create some hype for a year old title to help our buddies at the company.

At least this is the only way I can explain it.

Satanas3559d ago

My god...what's next, reviewing games 3 years after release? I look forward to the Gears of War 1 reviews this year.

Elven63559d ago

Even though the guy who runs that site is the scum of the earth I still have to step in, you review a game when ever you have time, their is no set date that says you have to do so by X, it would be nice to do so but personal life gets in the way and you do stuff when ever time is available.

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